5 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Visit the Dentist Even During a Pandemic

Are you wondering if it’s safe to go to the dentist?

In recent months, self-isolation, quarantine, and social distancing became the norm. In the first few months of the pandemic, most businesses closed shop. The only ones that kept their doors open were for essential needs.

However, life is beginning to go back to normal. Businesses and tourist spots are reopening with some restrictions. Still, it leaves many people to wonder if it’s safe to go out, especially to the dentist.

Not sure if you should visit the dentist during the pandemic? This article covers five reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your oral health. Read on to discover some great reasons why you should visit your dentist even during a pandemic.

  1. There are Proper Safety Protocols

One of the most prominent health protocol is the wearing of masks. It is the first line of defense against bacteria and infection. Many people aren’t sure about going to the dentist because they think they’re at a higher risk.

If this is your concern, then you’ll be happy to know that dental offices have safety protocols in place. Professional dental practitioners have proper training regarding infection control. Even before the pandemic, your dentist has been following strict sanitary protocols.

Your dentist is most likely following the health standards issued by the ADA. Dentists invest more in PPE and wear only surgical masks or N95 masks. When you see your dentist, they’re most likely wearing caps, face shields, and surgical gowns.

Staff in dental offices run routine checks and tests to ensure they’re healthy. If you’re still hesitant, consider contacting your dental office for a virtual consultation.

You may inquire about their health and safety protocols. If you’re looking for a dentist in Boise, check out http://www.boisedentist.com/.

  1. You Need Regular Checkups

Regular checkups are crucial to your oral health, even if you don’t have any issues. You need to see your dentists at least once a year to maintain your teeth and gum health. Your routine checkup can help you identify oral health problems before they worsen.

During a routine checkup, your dentist will check your teeth for cavities. Often, you can tell when a cavity is forming on your teeth. The symptoms of a developing cavity include sensitivity, pain, and a visible hole or stain.

However, it can be difficult to detect a cavity if it’s in hard-to-reach corners of your teeth. If you have poor dental hygiene habits, this may get worse. Your dentist will help you detect cavities, including plaque and tartar.

Your dentist will also check your gums using a special tool. Dentists do this by measuring the spaces between your gums and teeth. If there are shallow spaces, you have healthy gums.

A routine dental checkup will also include professional cleaning. Even with good dental hygiene practice, you can benefit from regular cleaning. Your dentist will remove any plaque and tartar buildup that you may be having trouble with.

  1. Boost Your Immune System

Going to the dentist can actually put you at a lesser risk of infection. Professional cleaning can boost your immune system. Unhealthy teeth and gums can put you at a higher risk of developing medical issues.

Neglecting a decaying tooth can lead to gum disease. The bacteria present in your infected tooth can transfer into the bloodstream. This can lead to other health issues like diabetes.

Other medical conditions associated with this include cardiovascular disease and respiratory issues. You may also be more prone to developing kidney problems and stroke.

Your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. Proper oral hygiene can help prevent infections and illnesses. However, you can’t always rely on this alone.

It’s always better to consult the help of a dental professional. Your mouth is the main orifice that leads into your body. When you compromise your oral health, you also put your body at risk.

  1. Increased Risk of Gum Disease

A new condition called “mask mouth” can put you at a higher risk of gum disease. This condition refers to the oral side effects of wearing a mask for extended periods. It could result in tooth decay, dry mouth, bad breath, and gum disease.

When you wear a mask, you’re more likely to drink less water. This causes dry mouth, which is one of the causes of bad breath and tooth decay. You also trap more carbon dioxide when you wear a mask.

This increases the acidity of your mouth. This presents a higher risk of infections and inflammatory conditions. However, this isn’t an excuse to stop wearing masks.

Getting rid of your mask is not the best step to take if you suffer from mask mouth. The best way to combat this is to stay hydrated and focus on your oral hygiene. It’s also good practice to use clean masks to prevent bacterial growth.

  1. Dental Emergencies

Many dental offices noticed an increase in cases of dental emergencies. Many people are putting off their visit to the dentist. Many will only visit the dentist after experiencing gum or tooth pain.

Eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates became a common coping mechanism. However, these comfort foods are rich in both carbohydrates and sugar. When combined, these can attack your enamel and cause tooth decay.

If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, don’t put off your visit to the dentist. If your dentist is open, they likely have the proper safety protocols to continue running. Stopping yourself from going to the dentist can actually do more harm than good for your health.

Why You Should Visit the Dentist During the Pandemic

Not sure if you should visit the dentist during the pandemic? These are five crucial reasons why you shouldn’t put off your visit to the dentist. Visiting the dentists doesn’t only result in healthy teeth and gums, but also your overall health.

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