5 Questions to Ask During a Routine Check Up

Did you know that around 84.9% of Americans visit the doctor each year? Going to the doctor is important to treat conditions, prevent diseases, and maintain good health.

The average person should visit the doctor at least every couple of years for a check-up, but some people should go more often. Routine checkups are a good time to talk to your doctor about your health and ask questions.

What are some questions you should ask your doctor during your next routine check-up? Keep reading for five health questions to ask your doctor.

1. Is This Normal?

If you have any questions about your health, you should ask the doctor during your next doctor’s appointment.

Whether you have a new mole, have been feeling down, or have been gaining weight, it’s never a bad idea to ask your doctor if something is normal.

In some cases, you may be feeling stressed about a normal symptom. Other times, you may need more testing.

2. Do I Need More Screening Tests?

Another great thing to ask your doctor is about screening. If you have a family history of a certain disease, you have symptoms, or you’re getting older, you may wonder if you need screening for certain issues.

Some common types of screening that you may need include a mammogram, thyroid tests, lipid test, or colonoscopy. If the doctor doesn’t believe you need additional screening, don’t be afraid to ask why.

3. How Can I Improve My Health?

One of the best things about routine check ups is that they are a great time to check in on your overall health. During your next doctor’s appointment, ask your doctor what you can do to improve your health.

They may suggest getting more exercise, eating a healthy diet, and getting more sleep. If you have a family history of chronic diseases, they can give you tips to reduce your risks of getting those diseases.

4. Are My Prescriptions Still Good?

If you take medicine, you should ask your doctor if you still need those medicines during your next appointment. The doctor may need to write you a new prescription for your medicine.

If you made lifestyle changes, lost weight, or changed your diet, the doctor may want to change your medication.

5. When Should I Make Another Appointment?

Before leaving your doctor’s appointment, you should ask your doctor when you need another appointment.

They may tell you to wait a couple of years unless you have symptoms, or they may ask you to come back in a few months. If you need to see a specialist, they can help you arrange the timeline for that appointment.

Are You Prepared for Your Routine Check-Up?

Visiting the doctor is a great time to talk about your health, learn how to manage your conditions, and ask questions. During your next routine check-up, make sure you ask the doctor these questions.

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