5 Risky Blackhat Techniques That Affect Your Rankings!

The vast, wide umbrella of SEO features only two things: White hat and Black Hat. While the White hat SEO techniques involve honest and real tricks and methods, the Black Hat involves all the cheats, tricks and using other unethical means.

Furthermore, ranking high in SEO involves keeping up with the evolving trend, constantly adjusting the algorithms to suit new policies and more.  However, on the other hand, some people trick the search engines and bring organic traffic without breaking any rules, by following unethical means.

If you want to have a sustainable marketing strategy, make sure it should not include any Grey hat or Black Hat SEO. Anyways, you can read reviews for Web 20 Ranker company.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

A black hat SEO is connected to the bad search engine optimization practice like creating duplicate content, doing link building from spam sites, keyword stuffing and more.

It’s a hidden practice to increase domain authority and to increase search engine traffic of the site that too in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Since these are against the terms of search engines, it can get your site banned from Google.

You might see the short term results of increased traffic on your site, Google will penalize and might ban your site.

 Here are few things that are a big no in Black Hat SEO:

Buying Paid Links:

Of course, buying links for SEO have many advantages; First, you don’t have to bother about having the quality content.  And, second, the anchor text will be according to the customer’s preferences.

However, it can get your site banned from the search engines and get action taken against your web presence. Paid backlinks also make it easier for the companies as they don’t have to worry about the quality content. Just make sure you are following the best SEO techniques in a way that Google’s new algorithm will not ban you.

Content Spams:

Whether it’s the copied content, content automation, fraud using the Bait and Switch Technique or it’s the scraped content, it can affect your site ranking. Also, Spam content is intended to create backlinks, and the links originated this way are not ‘nofollow’ and offer nothing to SEO.

Further, the spam content and comments are not posted manually; companies use tools to put them on the web automatically.

Let’s say, your blog is open for comments, and there’s no one controlling their quality, you are soon going to get spam comments. This will leave a negative impact on clients and can hamper your business’s image. So, stay protected from the spam comments and don’t make readers feel uncomfortable.

Keyword Stuffing:

Keywords are an important part of SEO; they allow search engines to bring your business to upfront. Just make sure you are putting relevant keyword that suits your website as well as user searches.

Black hat experts fill keywords with the same background and color to let your website appear in various searches.

However, Google has now banned the site that is using high keyword density to make it rank higher and to let it appear in various searches. So, if you want your site to appear to the users, put keywords as per relevancy.

Content Spinning:

Another nastier form of putting spam content is through spinning the article and to republish it to various websites. Since it’s difficult to put the same used links in other articles, black hat experts spin the content and re-publish it.

So, if you are following the spin technique, the chances are that Google will de-index you and will make your web presence weaker on the internet.


Cloaking is a technique on which the other content, apart from the content posted on the website is shown to the users in the search. It’s one of the most used tricks to dupe users into landing into the landing page that is not relevant to the searches.

It is often done to make your website rank higher as the chance of getting your site de-indexed to become high in this.

In today’s technological advanced era, you simply can’t get into searches through fraud or unethical means. You have to build your business organically to get high ranking.