5 Signs You Need a Divorce Right Now

While the divorce rate in the U.S. is on the decline, when you consider that the marriage rate is also dropping, this stat becomes less of a comfort. The CDC reports that nearly 3 in every 1,000 Americans get divorced each year. 

Deciding to get a divorce is never easy. But staying in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship is worse than facing the confusion and challenges of going through a divorce.

If you’re wondering whether you and your spouse might be headed for court or can still work things out, keep reading to learn 5 signs you need a divorce.

  1. You Try to Upset Your Spouse

If you’ve ever found yourself purposefully starting a fight or trying to upset your spouse, it’s time to ask yourself, “should I get a divorce?”

From starting arguments over little things to doing things you know your spouse hates, this sign will be different for every individual. Maybe your spouse hates when you chew loudly, so you try to do so each time you eat together. Or maybe you know they hate messes and create them wherever you can.

In either case, this indicates that you’re not only expecting to argue but want to. 

  1. They Aren’t Your Go-To Person

Imagine that something bad happened at work, or you’re worried about an upcoming appointment. Who do you call for help and advice, or just to vent? While it’s fine to call a friend or other family member from time to time, if you don’t find yourself seeking support from your spouse at times, this is a major red flag.

  1. You’re Hiding Your True Self

Maybe you love to dress in vibrant fashions, but tend to keep things neutral. Or you love to crack jokes but worry about your partner’s reaction, and instead keep them to yourself.

In either case, you’re hiding your true self. Your spouse is one person that you should be totally comfortable with. In some cases, our “true self” changes as we age, and we are afraid to reveal those changes to our spouses. You might also worry that your ideas and values are going separate ways.

If you can’t bring yourself to come clean, it may be time for a change. 

  1. Friend and Family are Urging You to Leave

Sometimes those close to us can see our relationships with more clarity than we can. For instance, your family might see your spouse’s drinking habits as concerning, while you brush them off.

If your close friends and trusted family members are constantly urging you to leave, it may be time to start your search for the right divorce lawyers. Or at the very least, take a close look at your relationship and what needs to change.

  1. You’re Not Happy

The signs of divorce aren’t always totally clear. But if you find yourself not feeling happy, even if you can’t pinpoint why, it’s time for some deep thinking. Ask yourself whether the divorce benefits, like living on your own and having full control of where you go and what you spend your money on, would help make you happy.

Spotting the Signs You Need a Divorce

Spotting the signs you need a divorce can be tough when you’re dreading separating from your spouse. But don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship.

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