6 Things to Know Before Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Having a baldness condition or losing your hair are things that may make you uncomfortable around your friends, relatives, or even family. A hair transplant in Istanbul is the best thing to do when you have such conditions. Asmed has the best services for a hair transplant because they have a hair transplant FUE that is advanced. Below are 6 things you need to know before getting a hair transplant in Istanbul

Type of hair transplant treatment

You must choose the kind of treatment you want. Popular hair transplantation can be divided into two categories and include (Follicular unit extraction) FUE and (Follicular unit transplantation) FUT. In FUE each hair graft is taken from the donor piece by piece while the FUT technique involves removing skin and dividing it into a grouping of follicular units which are later transplanted to the patient. It is important you know which one suits you

Experience of surgeon

You need to find a surgeon who has done a hair transplant job for a long time. You must get a surgeon by being recommended by someone who has ever been done a hair transplant. This will guarantee you good and long-life treatment. This also will reduce the chances of getting other complications during the surgery. Get to know the surgeon, education, and also work experience for the sake of your health.

Licensed clinic

This is an important thing to know before you start your hair transplant plan. Get a clinic that has been fully given rights to do the hair transplant services by the health units. You can have your lawyer help you with this or visit the health government ministry to confirm the same. This will give you a higher chance of getting good doctors and also digital equipment. A licensed company means that they are fully willing to take care of your health interest

The cost of a hair transplant

If you start your hair transplant plan without considering your budget, you might not be able to balance other life expenses. It is therefore important you visit the clinic and get the full information concerning the cost of a hair transplant. This will help you know if you will afford it or not. Choose a plan that suits your pocket

Know if you are worth doing the hair transplant

Knowing if you are the right person for a hair transplant is important because it will help you know if you still have the chance of growing hair naturally or not. Most people are afraid from the first day they lose their hair but find it growing later. You must visit your doctor because he or she is in a position to advise better if you can go ahead with a hair transplant.

Post-surgery side effects

After your surgery, you need to know the side effects that are experienced and the ones that will affect your day-to-day activity. Before engaging in a hair transplant, ask the doctor about the side effects so that you can know and plan how you will balance your life after.


Hair transplant is good and healthy when done at the right time, by the right person to the right person. The above points will give you an idea of those important things you need to know before getting a hair transplant.

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