7 Essentials to Consider When Considering Motorbike Maintenance

A motorbike is one of the most convenient and common means of transport to many people across the world. This is because it is luxurious and more affordable for many as compared to cars. However, when you have a motorbike, you need to know how to maintain it. Proper maintenance and care will make your bike last longer. 

On the other hand, if you do not take care of your motorbike, it will get damaged soon, and it will stop functioning. Therefore, you should avoid the following things if you want to keep your bike run smoothly for a long.

Plugging the kickstand switch

Every motorbike is designed and equipped with a kickstand switch. The aim of the kickstand switch is to help the rider elevate the kickstand and not leaving it down when riding. However, many people tend to remove the switch for reasons that they are known to themselves. They fail to understand they are risking their lives and compromising the functionality of the motorbike. This type of modification has caused a lot of problems across the world because most of the riders who do this tend to lose control while riding their bikes. An accident will cause other damages to your bike, rendering its life and functionality.

Keeping worn tyres

Your tyres determine the locomotive nature of your bike. If you want your bike to keep running smoothly, you must ensure that you use intact and perfect tires. Avoid riding a bike that has got worn-out tyres. These are some of the things that motorbike insurance companies look at when you engage in an accident that has made your bike get destroyed. If they see that you are having worn-out tyres, they will not lend their assistance to your motorbike because you are the one who has let the accident occur. Worn-out tires can make you get bad accidents, and they also limit your speed when riding.

Carrying heavy loads

Another thing that you should avoid is carrying heavy cargoes on your motorbike. The bike was designed to carry at most two people and some light loads. If you go and put heavy loads on your motorbike, you will make the engine strain, and the weight also suppresses some of the motorbike parts. Such a motorbike will have its engine collapse in a short period, and as you know, an engine is the heart of any vehicle. It is not advisable to keep on changing your engine every time because this will affect your bike’s power. To be on the safe side, you ought to avoid loading your bike with heavy cargoes.

Repairing it yourself

Some motorbike riders have the tendency of opening their bikes and repairing them themselves. Some of them are not competent and do not have the skills to do so, but they only do it deliberately. This is one of the reasons that might reduce the life span of your bike. If you keep repairing your bike without the help of a technician. You might end up doing it wrongly thus destroying it. 

Therefore, you are advised to always take it to a skilled technician or mechanic who will help you fix your bike’s problem. Repairing a bike is not expensive, only that some bike owners want to be mean, but they forget that cheap is always expensive.

Not cleaning the oil.

The engine that you are using also gets tired. It is crucial to let your bike rest sometimes if you want it to operate efficiently. Avoid riding your bike for a long time at long distances. This will compromise most of the parts of the motorbike. You should also take it to a mechanic for the engine check and changing of oil. If you see a bike eliminating black and dark soot, then it means its oil is dirty. Therefore, you should occasionally change your engine oil. 

When you also note that your bike makes awkward sounds when moving, it means there is a problem with the engine. Therefore, you should quickly take it to the mechanic for troubleshooting.

Installing speakers

Most modern riders like listening to music as they are riding their bikes. It is good to enjoy yourself as you are riding. However, you should be skilled o how to install the speakers on your bike. If you do not know how to do it, then you can seek help from your mechanic. Experts also advise you not to listen to music using headphones when on the road. Doing this will risk your life because you will not be able to hear the hooting of cars thus being vulnerable to accidents.


The mentioned above are the six important things that you should not do to ensure that you save your life and improve the life of your motorbike.

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