7 Great Things Our Children’s Dentists Do for Kids

The Covid-19 pandemic yielded unfavorable oral health outcomes for children. Because of the pandemic, far too many children missed routine dental visits. In fact, 40% of parents did not schedule a dentist appointment due to Coronavirus fears.

Besides promoting good oral health, there are other benefits to seeing a dentist. Many people do not realize everything a dentist does beyond filling cavities.

Read on to learn everything that a pediatric dentist offers your child. Explore seven things that your dentist does to make your child feel good about their visit.

  1. Oral Health Education

We all know that children do not like to listen to their parents. Whether they are lazy or stubborn, many children skip oral care and ignore their parents’ pleas.

Dentist uses their authority to teach children about healthy mouths. They explain that sugary drinks and candy are corrosive to teeth.

Also, a pediatric dentist teaches how to properly take care of teeth. They explain to children to brush twice per day and to floss before bed.

  1. Address Uncomfortable Feelings

Children are often uncomfortable at the dentist. They have feelings of fear and anxiety sitting in the dentist’s chair. To a child, the dentist may represent pain with their drills and sharp tools.

A good dentist addresses those uncomfortable feelings right away. They let children touch the tools and speak to them in a calming way. The end result is that children become more comfortable in a medical setting.

  1. Prevent Major Issues

The major reason to routinely see the dentist is to prevent major issues. Oral health issues can quickly turn painful and dangerous.

However, dentists place a strong emphasis on preventative oral care. They take X-rays to identify cavities and other potential issues before it becomes problematic.

  1. Help with Teething

One of the worst things about parenting newborns and toddlers is the teething process. Those years are filled with sleepless nights and lots of tears.

However, many people do not realize that dentists treat babies as well. They can evaluate your child’s mouth to see where new teeth are emerging. Additionally, they provide sound medical advice on how to manage your child’s pain.

  1. Orthodontist Referral

So many parents want to know if their child needs braces. A dentist is the first person to ask.

They know your child’s mouth better than anyone. They evaluate X-rays and other visuals to see whether an orthodontist referral is necessary.

  1. Emergency Care

When your child is in excruciating oral pain, there are few places to turn. The emergency room or your pediatrician cannot help.

The good news is that your dentist is here for emergency care. They can help alleviate the pain and take action to address the root cause.

  1. Instill Confidence

There is no question that a nice smile instills confidence in young children. They like to look good for pictures and show off their beautiful smile.

The dentist helps your child achieve the smile they want. By teaching good cleaning habits and oral care, they will build up your child’s confidence in their smile.

Seven Benefits of a Pediatric Dentist

It is clear that there are many benefits of seeing a dentist. It is a wise move to find a reputable dentist that you can trust like this pediatric dentist in Quantico, VA. There is no question they will serve your child’s best health interests.

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