7 Most Common Causes of a Leaky Pipe

The residents of Gaithersburg in Montgomery County, Maryland, enjoy a good quality of life. The city offers the comfort of small-town communities within a metropolitan area. Homeowners have access to quality household facilities, such as plumbing services.

Do you suspect that you have a leaky pipe at home? Plumbers Gaithersburg MD, possess the expertise to repair or replace them efficiently. However, it helps to know the causes of leaking pipes so you can take measures to prevent such issues in the future.

Read on to know the most common causes of a leaky pipe.


Pipes face the risk of wearing out over time. If you have metal pipes, corrosion can lead to leakages. It turns the pipe brittle and soon develops small openings. If the pipes are more than 30 years old, they are more prone to corrosion.

Call a local plumber to inspect your pipes and check for corrosion. Professionals also ensure that your drain pipes meet the Montgomery County Government’s design criteria to avoid leaks.


If you do not regularly clean the clogs within the pipes, the blockage increases and causes more issues. It leads to overflows and pipe bursts. At times, the clogs may contain corrosive substances or chemicals. They eat away the pipes and cause leakages.

You can avoid these issues by scheduling regular drain cleans by professional plumbers.

Broken Seals

Pipes connect to other fixtures and your appliances with the help of rubber seals. They keep the connections airtight. Over time, the seals may degrade, wear out, or break. When they crumble, they form cracks that allow the water to seep through them.

Dry or older seals may suffer from corrosion as well. It accelerates the formation of cracks and causes more leakages.

Water Pressure

Gaithersburg has an annual rainfall of 42.2 inches. The water pressure could be higher during rainy days.

The extra pressure may gradually weaken your household pipes. It eventually breaks the pipe walls.

Your plumber replaces the damaged pipes with sturdier material that can handle higher water pressure effortlessly.

Fixture Cracks

If a pipe connects with any cracked faucet, it may lead to a visible leak. The cracks usually occur due to a strong impact. For instance, someone may have slipped and grabbed the faucet to regain balance to avoid a fall.

The impact builds with time and slowly forms cracks. Sometimes, the cracks may be in hidden locations. Your plumber identifies and fixes them.

Pipe Joint Damages

The parts where different pipes join are often the weakest areas of any water line. If the pipe joint deteriorates with time, it leads to leaks. You can spot any issues within the joints by paying attention to unusual ticking or banging noises.

A plumber with the right licenses to operate in Gaithersburg can fix the issue efficiently.

Improper Pipe Layout

Improper pipe layout often leads to leaky pipes. It may also cause significant water damage. Your plumber inspects the pipe system in your property and replaces them if necessary.

Plumbers in Gaithersburg, MD, can inspect your property to check if the pipes are at risk of any leakage issues. By fixing them on time, you can avoid significant damages and repair or replacement costs.

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