A Guide to Buy the Right Non-stick Pan for Induction Cooking

Cooking on an induction burner has been becoming popular due to its high energy efficiency and also because they’re easier to clean. But when you make the switch from a normal stove-top to induction, you also need different utensils.

As normal cookware isn’t optimized to function with induction cooktops, many people opt to get a complete starter set for their cooking. This doesn’t always include a non-stick pan. So, when you’re buying a new non-stick pan for your induction, here are a few things to keep in mind.

With an Induction Non-Stick Pan, such as the CLAD HA1 nonstick pan, you can expect even cooking throughout the day using the pan because the bottom is entirely flat. It will also have a magnetic bottom to connect with your induction and gets heated quickly and evenly. Also, look for these features:


Many normal pans are not compatible with induction tops, and when you’re deciding to invest in a good quality non-stick pan, checking its compatibility for an induction top should be the first thing you do.

Induction top cookware usually has a completely flat surface and has a magnetic bottom. You can quickly check this by using a magnet and checking to see if it sticks to the bottom. Your pan is compatible with the induction if the magnet sticks.

Most induction cookware today mentions in their packaging that they’re meant to be used for induction tops, so this is another way you can easily check the compatibility of the cookware for your induction top.

Size, Price, and Accessories

When you’re looking for the perfect induction non-stick pan to buy, the size of the pan becomes a crucial element that factors into your buying decision.

If you’re looking for a pan to scramble your eggs in, or you’re looking for a bigger one that you can stir fry in, many cook-ware brands offer pans that come in multiple sizes.

Bigger pans will also come with an extra handle to hold the other side, while smaller pans will just come with a single handle. Always choose a pan depending on what you’re planning on using it for.

Buying a good-quality non-stick pan can easily cost you around $100, sometimes even more. So, it’s essential to see whether the pan is perfect for your needs. A lid also comes in handy with non-stick pans, and with models such as CLAD HA1 Non-Stick Pan, you get a good glass lid perfectly fitting for your pan.


Many cookware brands offer a 2- or 5-year warranty for all their cookware. A few non-stick pans you may be able to get a limited lifetime warranty on, such as the CLAD HA1 Non-Stick Pan.

While it may take a few years for your non-stick pan to stop showing its ‘non-stick’ features, it’s still a good idea to get a pan with a lifetime warranty because it covers any manufacturer defects or other problems you might have when using the pan for a long time.

Invest in the Right Pan

When you’re investing in a non-stick pan for your induction, it’s important to see whether the pan you’re buying is fit for your needs. Sometimes, buying a bigger pan may be more inexpensive than getting a small one, so you should also consider that when purchasing a non-stick pan fit for your induction range.

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