A Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Your Wedding Rings

Buying your wedding rings is a serious task and so it’s important to ensure you follow the right procedure so you can get the best wedding ring for you.

In this step by step guide, we will help you with the right information to guide you when choosing yours.

When buying any jewelry, you need to consider some basic principles but when it comes to wedding rings you need to consider some more important things since they are special.

Remember, you are buying something that should last for years. Moreover, it something that will always symbolize eternal love, so no guesswork here.

Well, some people confuse engagement rings with wedding rings but the two are slightly different in that you can buy engagement rings without informing your spouse, but with a wedding ring, she should be in your mind. You should consider what she likes, color and other preferences.

Sounds too difficult to achieve? Not at all. It’s simple. And if we were to recommend you for the best wedding rings, we would ask you to get wedding rings and bands by Linara.

But how do you know if the wedding ring you are buying is the best?

Do not worry because our ultimate wedding ring buying guide will help you choose the perfect ring you love and cherish.

1.    Research

Chances are that you have the basic idea of the kind of wedding ring perfect for you. If yes then you need to research as early as possible. In fact, it’s best to start your search two or three months before the wedding date.

This is the best time to browse, compare prices and rings that attract your eyes and heart. You could end up getting one that’s perfect for your special day, but you also need to keep other things in mind such as engraving which also needs some more time. The idea is to do all these three months before the day.

2.    Choose Your Metal and Style

As mentioned earlier, weddings rings are pieces of jewelry, you and your loved ones will wear forever so you need to take time to talk together and decide what metal and style are best for you. Is white or gold metal the perfect fit for you? Or is it yellow gold?

Well, when it comes to metal and style, you may want to match with your other jewelry. So if you wear other pieces of jewelry that are different, you might want to ensure you balance between yourself so that each has a piece of matching jewelry.

3.    Set Budget

Now that you have researched, compared prices and you have got the perfect wedding ring for you, you need to set a budget. This could be included in your overall wedding budget but as you will need other things like engraving, you need to account for everything.

Prices of wedding rings vary. For instance, a gold ring could cost around $125 to $200 and platinum are more costly up to $400 per band. And if you will want to engrave the inside of your wedding ring, you could incur an extra cost of around $8 per character but this depends on the font you choose and the engraving method you want.

4.    Consider Quality

This is an obvious thing that you shouldn’t ignore at all cost. When it comes to buying wedding rings, quality should be at the top of your consideration factors. Different types of metals have different quality marks so ensure if it’s gold, silver or platinum has the manufacturers’ mark of quality.

5.    Find the Right Size

A wedding ring is something you will rarely take it off; whether it’s summer or winter season or you are going to work out or you are pregnant. Sometimes your fingers will swell when it is hot and contract when it is cold, you will gain or lose weight. All these times your wedding ring is intact so you need to find the right size that will adapt to all the weather changes.

6.    Consider Your Lifestyle

Truth is told: Everyone has his or her own lifestyle and because you will wear your weddings rings for the better part of your lives you will want it to match with your lifestyle. In any case, it will be awkward to buy a ring that you will want to remove it some days and wear it on other days. So, choose a ring that fits your life without distraction.

Over to You

The ball is in your hands. With all this information, we hope you are able to choose the perfect wedding rings for yourself.

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