8 Benefits of Fulvic Minerals

Fulvic minerals have been beneficial primarily because they are natural sources and are one of the oldest forces of resources available to humanity. It is also important to know that there are a number of other benefits of these minerals, apart from the lack of use of chemicals. Let us look at some of the benefits of fulvic ionic minerals below.

Benefits of Fulvic Minerals

1. Benefits for external use: Fulvic ionic minerals are usually considered to be great for external use. They aid in the natural healing of cuts, wounds, abrasions, insect bites, and a number of other skin complaints. They can also aid in neutralizing poison ivy and poison oak with a minimum of scarring.

2. Detoxification: With an overload of toxic substances, we know that we’re fighting a number of elements in order to live a safe and healthy life. For example, when we eat our favorite junk food, we are fighting toxics like colorings, chemicals, preservatives, and other harmful additives. Apart from this, we often fight toxics like noxious fumes in the air we breathe, fluoride and chlorine present in the shower and even drinking water. Toxins are present everywhere, from plastics to carpets and from paints to furniture. Unfortunately, we use most of the items on a daily basis. However, with the fulvic ionic minerals, it is often easy for us to tackle a situation because it is a powerful tool against such dietary and environmental toxins. Fulvic first attempts to convert them into a useful form. If it fails to do so, it flushes them from the system.

3. It assists oxygen uptake: While improving hydration, fulvic ionic minerals help in creating a major impact on an individual’s muscle contraction and lubrication of joints. This promotes more elastic skin and helps in guarding proper kidney function for the removal of toxins. Apart from this, it assists in oxygen uptake. It is important to know that low blood oxygen is a reason for blood acidity. Blood acidity contributes to low oxygen levels and deteriorates the health of an individual. The alkalizing minerals in fulvic help in balancing pH levels and also assist in oxygen absorption. This is important in today’s world because there are many drinks available in the market that can have an adverse effect on the pH levels.

4. It fights free radicals: Free radicals are created when the electron is no longer in a pair. When the unpaired electron seeks another atom or molecule to bond with, it creates a chain reaction of oxidation. The circulation of these free radicals throughout the body can cause great damage to cells and tissues in one’s body. In this case, we need a line of defense called antioxidants and fulvic acts as an antioxidant, helping in protecting against oxidative stress. With three different categories of free radicals identified, the free-radical scavengers eradicate a different section of free radicals. Without fulvic, it can be extremely complicated to get the right free radical scavenger in the right amount. So, fulvic is a powerful, natural antioxidant that helps in eradicating any form of free radical.

5. It helps with weight management: It is not known to many that fulvic changes the way in which body processes the sugars and starches. In short, these refined carbohydrates can be processed in a better way with the help of fulvic. Fulvic promotes healthy weight management, and it does so by assisting glucose in creating cellular energy immediately, instead of stored potential energy in our body in the form of fat deposits. Body weight starts balancing naturally because of fulvic aids hormonal and chemical balance, assisting the proper metabolism of food. It also diminishes mineral deficiency cravings. With these changes, nutrient deficiencies are corrected in order to diminish the desire for more calories. At the same time, cravings for foods that convert to sugar immediately are even cut down significantly.

6. It is a powerful transporter of nutrients: Fulvic is so powerful that it can potentially transport multiple times its weight in energized nutrients. A single fulvic molecule is capable of transporting 60x its own weight in nutrients, trace elements and minerals into the cells. When fulvic is present, more nutrients are in a position to enter the cells as fulvic makes cell walls more permeable. This is one of the biggest advantages of fulvic and evidently more effective advantages too.

7. It assists enzyme development: Enzymes are responsible for more than 300 complex reactions in our body, and they are connected to each and every organ in our body. When we consume something, our taste buds analyze its composition quickly and trigger the appropriate digestive enzymes that are needed to break down the substance. Enzymes are also the force being the absorption of minerals and vitamins. However, production of digestive enzymes start diminishing with age, and a lack of digestive enzymes can stress the digestive system, making complete food digestion a difficult task. This is where fulvic comes to the rescue and supports healthy enzymatic reactions in cells, encouraging maximum stimulation of enzyme development. Fulvic helps in triggering more enzymes, and thus, we get a better breakdown of food that facilitates better absorption.

8. It helps with breathing issues: Fulvic supports a healthy respiratory system and, in a way, is extremely helpful in getting individuals rid of a number of breathing issues. While this is helpful in a number of cases, total dependency on the same is not advisable. This is because breathing issues often take an individual for a toll and if proper care is not taken, it may lead to major issues as far as the respiratory system is concerned.

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