Best Pool Cue for a Perfect Game

Playing Pool or Billiard can be one of your ways of passing time during your leisure time, but also we have players that are passionate about the game. This game has gained popularity throughout the globe and it’s hard to visit a club house or a casino and lack a pool table. To play the game you require various accessories amongst them we have the cues and the cue balls. To ensure you enjoy your gaming session you need to have outstanding cues.

Pool cue is used to hit cue ball on the pool table. Pool cue determines how well or how bad you will play your game. Therefore, before starting your game you have to select the best cue in order to play well and strike the balls perfectly. Choosing the best pool cue is quite difficult especially if you are new to the game or incase it is your first time to own a pool table. In this article I will focus on the best pool cues that you can use in your billiard or pool game.

  1. Players C-960 Billiard Cue

Players C-960 pool cue is one of the perfect pool cues that can refer to you. It will offer you excellent performance and an outstanding finishing. It has a classic design and offers incredible performance. It is made up of a 29 inch crimson maple shaft and is covered using Irish linen. It has Le Pro Tip giving you the best strike. This cue is also durable since it is made up of crimson maple shaft and also contains stainless collar.

  1. Aska L2 Billiard Pool Cues

Aska L2 pool cue is my second option. This cue comes in a set of 5 cue sticks that are of different colors and weight. The colors of the cues are Black, Blue, Brown, Red, and Green, while the weight is 18, 19, 20 and 21 oz. This gives the players an option of selecting the weight of the cue depending on one’s strike. Its shaft is made up of 29 inches hard Canadian maple making it ultra durable. The cue also has a stainless steel joint collar that makes the total length of the cue to be 58’’. It has a rubber bumper and a nylon wrap. It would be better if you choose adjustable table while playing with this cues. Pool Table hire is suitable option for you. You can hire adjustable table easily.

  1. Players HXT15

This comes third in my rating and has a two piece design; this implies that you can easily carry your cue stick. It has a perfect round shape and you can choose the weight of your cue while purchasing. Its shaft is made up of North American Hardrock maple making it durable. It also comes with Irish linen wrapping.

  1. Rage RG210 Diamond Billiard Cue

Rage RG210 pool cue comes fourth it has a superb design and elegant color mix. Its wrap is made with pressed Nylon giving it a great grip while playing. Its most outstanding feature is that its tip is made up of leather giving the player an excellent aim.

  1. Valley House Pool Sticks

These come in a set of four with different weights that is 18, 19 20 and 21oz. They are made of polycarbonate high-grade ferrule which ensures durability. They also have a leather tip and a rubber bumper.

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