Magnetykes an Award Winning Magnet Toy with Comic Book

Magnetykes are a fun and entertaining way for children to learn about the Magnet and words of Magnetism. Magnetykes are set of robot-like figures that come to life through the power of magnetism. It is a type of Toy which has Magnet and the magnetic robot have movable arms, legs, and heads and you will also get magnetic vehicle toys and a comic book. It is a fun toy and your child will learn about magnet during playing with this toy. If you are looking for a magnetic toy for your child then you can buy the Magnetykes for your child. This article talks about Magnetykes so you will get an idea about this.

What are Magnetykes?

Magnetykes is a magnetic toy which is made of a strong magnet and it comes with a comic book and you will get some characters which are made of magnet. This is an award winner toy which got many awards across the globe. It comes with a Magnetic set which includes a magnetic plastic figure and vehicle along with a magnetic wrench. A comic book with this toy is good readable comic and your kids will like it. Magnetykes is 10 times stronger than any ceramic magnet toy which is a good thing and your kid will learn many things from this toy.

What Magnetykes do?

•             It will teach your kids about Magnets in a fun way, it is a very simple magnetic toy which teaches your kids about magnetism and he will learn many things from this toy.

•             Your kid will feel the power of magnetism because they can do as many experiments with this Magnetic toy so they can feel the power of magnetism, it will give practical knowledge about magnets so he will learn many things.

•             With Magnetykes, your kid can create characters and then they can create stories and adventures with the toy. So give your kid character so they can create stories and it will make distance their distance from digital playing and they will play this game physically and mentally. It will give your kids their first introduction to the wonder of science.

•             It will increase your child’s coordination skills which are very important and these type of Magnetic vehicle is also movable and your kid can do many things with Magnetykes.

Ways to Play

There are many ways to play with Magnetykes and your kid will find many ways to play with Magnetykes, here are some ways to play:

•             Your kid can use the magnetic wrench to pick up vehicles and other things and they can play with a magnetic wrench and can do some creative things with the magnetic wrench. 

•             They can create magnetic vehicles and then launch the vehicles across the floor or table using the magnetic wrench so they can play with this all day. They can spin them like proper fidgets.

•             Propel the Magnetykes vehicle away using the repelling power of the magnetic wrench.

•             They can do many other things with Magnetykes and nowadays kids are very talented they will find their own way to play with this.

What character you will get with Magnatykes?

Magnatykes includes 3 characters in their box; you will get 3 character that is Cobalt, Lodestone and Magnesia. Your kid can play with these characters and can create their own stories and adventures. A comic book will help them to find these characters interesting. These toys are very easy to tidy up and it is very hard to lose these toys. In each box there is a smooth sheet of metal so your kids can hang their character, vehicle and wrench on the sheet.

Any kid who is above 4 years of his age can play with this toy, and it is for those kids who want to make their own stories and scenarios based around each of the Characters and their vehicles. This toy is a learnable thing by which your kid can learn about the magnet and their power. So you should buy them this toy.

What’s good about this?

Best thing about this toy is, it can move without being pushed or battery so it is a good thing about it. A kid will learn many things with this toy and he will be able to create thing with this toy. It has 10 times stronger magnet than other toys and it will develop your kid’s coordination skills. It is a hands-on learning activity which is rare now. So you should buy this for your kid so he can learn many things and he will learn about the Magnets. As you can see in the above article that you will get 3 characters in the box and also you will get a magnetic wrench and a comic book which is good thing about this toy.

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