Bodyguard Services: Why You Need to Hire a Security Company to Protect Your Executives

When most companies hear of personal protection services, they think that they are only for politicians, the Pope, Hollywood superstars, and other celebrities. What they don’t realize is that even their executives need personal protection. Besides, lots of celebrity is using VIP protection service.

As a company, you don’t just need to protect your property. You also have to protect your executives since they are the most vulnerable. Some are in danger of an attack because of the executive power that they possess. Others can be attacked because of money. There are a few others that are in danger because they are in possession of classified company information. Since the executives are a vital corporate asset, they deserve the same protection that the other assets receive.

Generally, here are 5 reasons why you need to hire bodyguards for your executives:

  1. Physical Protection

An executive bodyguard is hired to primarily protect the executive from all kinds of physical harm. Whether the physical attack is in form of a robbery or sexual predation, it’s the duty of the bodyguard to ensure that the client is safe. Most companies that offer bodyguard services usually train their security men and women to detect crimes and neutralize them before the client is harmed.

  1. Peace of Mind

Sometimes, fear is just as devastating as the attack itself. Most executives feel insecure to go to social places. They can’t step outside the office or their homes because they feel unsafe. Such executives are never productive, and if they are, they don’t do it to their utmost potential. With a bodyguard around, the feeling of fear is never there since the executives are assured that somebody is watching their back.

  1. Premise Surveillance

As the executive bodyguards prioritize to keep their clients safe, they end up monitoring the premise. Most bodyguard service companies advocate for the use of sophisticated cameras to monitor who is entering and who is leaving the premise of the client. They do it remotely and undetected. If there is a security breach, then the bodyguard is answerable together with the security guards.

  1. Crowd Management

Established executives are celebrities in their own right. They are a source of attraction whenever they go to public places. Crowds are generally difficult to disperse. It’s the duty of the bodyguard to manage them without tainting the image of the executive. The bodyguard is able to find a comfortable entry/exit point for the executive when the crown becomes wild.

  1. Non-Protection Responsibilities

Lastly, bodyguard services allow their security personnel to perform some light tasks for the clients. This includes driving the executive occasionally when the executive is feeling uncomfortable with a certain route. It also includes running errands once in a while when the executive does not want to attract attention, for example, buying something for the executive from the mall. Of course, the executive has to be in a safe place first before the bodyguard runs the errand.

Any business could use the services of a bodyguard company for the above obvious reasons. With the level of insecurity on the rise, your executives deserve a reassurance that someone is watching over them. It’s a plus for any company that cares for the welfare of their executives.