Boom Trucks: All That You Must Know

A boom truck is a hydraulic crane installed, in most cases, on the chassis of a commercial vehicle. However, there are also companies that offer articulated cranes that fall into the category of boom trucks with straight and telescopic booms.

A boom truck is a heavy-duty vehicle fitted with a winch to raise large cargo in its most basic definition. As a result, it has a crane-like appearance.

Boom Truck Vs. Crane

Boom trucks are also more efficient and effective in stacking objects when compared to larger vehicles. Boom trucks for sale can also be widely seen across the country. And buyers can view online, and the web allows easy access to all its features.

Boom trucks, in contrast to cranes, are not equipped with counterweights. As a bonus, certain boom vehicles, such as cherry pickers, include a loading basket that allows personnel to be lifted to previously impossible heights. This is critical for some industries, such as those in the maintenance sector. A boom truck is essentially a type of crane. 

Boom trucks are a common form of mobile cranes. They can be driven on public roads by someone with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Like other cranes, people who have sufficient training and valid license should only be the ones to operate them.

Essentially, these specific types of mobile cranes are comprised of a hydraulic crane attached to the back of a flatbed pickup truck. Most of these vehicles have a telescoping boom. In addition, boom trucks are equipped with cabins where the controls are.

Types of Boom Trucks

  • Fixed Cab

This type of vehicle only has one cab, which is used by the driver. The cab is where all of the boom controls are located and where the operator sits during the lift. As a result, a fixed cab boom truck resembles a conventional truck with a boom attached to the back. These vehicles are frequently shorter and more compact than trucks with swing cabs, which enhance their capacity to be navigated quicker.

  • Swing Cab 

Swing cabin boom trucks, on the other hand, provide a great deal of versatility. As a result, some firms refer to them as “swing seats” since they include a separate operator’s cab installed on the flatbed in addition to the passenger cab. It is hooked to the boom and will move and spin in tandem with it.

It will result in a more broad range of motion for the crane, which will allow it to handle an even more extensive range of lifts. In addition, the field of vision available to the operator increases with this sort of vehicle, making it more suitable for complicated and delicate work. As a result, it is frequently preferred by building businesses.

The more you understand the many varieties of boom trucks, the more confident you will be in your ability to appreciate and select the most appropriate vehicle for your unique lift and job location. In addition, salespeople at showrooms offering boom trucks for sale have the expertise to answer your technical questions and other considerations, such as the specs and features of each boom truck type. Above all, you must select a reliable firm that can offer you high-quality equipment as well as workers that have received extensive training.

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