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Why can’t men wear elevator shoes, yet women wear heels? This is a question women are puzzled with. They even say men are supposed to be taller than them to feel protected. Therefore, it is time to be your spouse superhero and make her feel secure by purchasing elevator shoes.

Furthermore, there are benefits that one enjoys other than being tall. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the benefits you stand to enjoy. After reading through the article you will consider adding elevator shoes to your shoe rack.

Benefits of Elevator shoes

Elevator shoes have their benefits besides making your taller. Let’s break it down to understand what you have been missing out on.

1. Confidence

Your confidence and self-esteem go hand in hand. Men are usually very sensitive when it comes to their egos. Therefore when one is of average height they have low-self-esteem which interferes with their social and professional life. However, when having elevator shoes on it increases your height and confidence.

Additionally, women will even find you intimidating and attractive when you are a few inches tall. They love men who are tall. This makes elevator shoes an ideal shoe to add to your collection.

2. Trendy     

Fashion is something that changes over time and it has grown beyond being comfortable. Every day a new cloth or shoe design is being revealed in the market to match your class and style. Hence, you are usually judged according to what you wear.

When going to an interview or walking in the street, your fashion sense speaks volumes about you. This is why you need to have an elevator shoe on. Celebrities and professionals consider the shoe a new fashion sense and they are rocking it. Whether casual or formal wear the shoes will still make you look elegant and trendy.

3. Improved posture

Apart from making you look taller, it also improves your posture. The shoe does this by protecting your knees and back which means your spine is safe. The shoes bring out the square shoulders and allow you to walk straight. This, in turn, makes you attractive and confident while walking on the streets. Plus, having a good posture makes you look good, and also improves your mood.

4. Make eye contact

Maintaining eye contact when having a conversation is vital, this ensures the person you are talking to is not distracted. However, when you are of average height you will need elevator shoes to maintain eye contact when talking to other people either on the streets or shopping mall while standing. Plus you can even tell the color of their eyes which is good especially for women. This shows you are an observant person who is keen on details which is a plus for you.

Moreover, the elevator shoes are a painless method compared to other ways one uses to gain height. In the market today you will find different products that are meant to increase your height. Some of the procedures and products tend to be cumbersome and even take longer than expected. But with elevator shoes, one increases their height a few inches instantly. Hence you should opt for these shoes.


There are various benefits one stands to enjoy when wearing the elevator shoes. Whether you are looking for casual, formal, or even sportswear the elevator shoes has got you covered. You can go about your daily schedule without worrying about the comfort of health problems. The elevator shoes have been designed to offer you comfort and style.

Though the shoes might be costly, they are worth every penny. At we offer Italian height increasing footwear that is stylish and comfortable. Hence, shop with us and unlock your fashion sense.

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