Cleaning office services in Miami, FL

A productivity of office staff increases significantly if comfortable working conditions are observed. First of all, we are talking about cleanliness in the office space. A healthy and clean environment allows to focus on work tasks and achieve maximum results. Shen performs office cleaning in miami to remove all types of dirt and provide a comfortable environment for productive work. As a market leader, we know exactly what tasks must be done to achieve maximum results. We work with highly effective detergents and latest equipment.

We perform a comprehensive cleaning of office premises from the front entrance to the bathroom and work space.

Cleaning service includes washing:

  • walls;
  • floors;
  • ceilings;
  • office furniture.

You can order external washing of windows and facades, regardless of the number of storeys of building. We offer industrial climbing service which allows to clean the exterior of  building quickly and efficiently and make the appearance of office building presentable .

Our specialists are used to clean during the working hours. We perform our cleaning tasks with particular accuracy without disrupting the working environment.

In this mode, we thoroughly remove all dirt from:

  • chandeliers and lamps;
  • mirrors and glass surfaces;
  • floor;
  • upholstered furniture;
  • hard-to-reach places.

We perform disinfection, disinsection and deratization of the premises as complex measures. We take out the trash and clean up the surrounding area.

Why choose us

We use environmentally friendly and proven detergents in our work. Even the most persistent dirt is removed with the help of our latest equipment. After cleaning, delicate surfaces sparkle with cleanliness and the integrity of all property is preserved.

We have a professional team of employees. They regularly take advanced trainings and know well how to deal with any type of pollution on different surfaces.

After completing each stage of work, a quality check is performed by a manager. We are ready to promptly send the required number of employees to your facility for quick and high-quality cleaning.

We offer efficiency in work, affordable cost for services and a comfortable schedule for cleaning. You can book our services for weekends, holidays and at any time of day that you need.

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