Exercise and Fitness Mat Buyer’s Guide

The recent times of global pandemics have made each one of us realize the importance of our physical and mental health. And once it comes to health, the first thing that pops up in our minds is Yoga. Ancient and Modern scriptures have proven that Yoga is the best way to cure not only your prevailing diseases but it magically avoids the upcoming ailments too. Therefore, today people of all age groups are switching on the path of Yoga and mental peace.

Now like every other form of activity, Yoga also requires certain accessories and fitness apparel. And the most essential among them all is Yoga Mat. However, the selection of a perfect yoga mat is not an easy job. Among so many options available in the market, you need to be careful about buying the mat that ideally suits you.

In this article, you will find some very popular kinds of mats and their usage. This will hence help you in finding the best mat for yourself. 

  1. Yoga Mat-

Yoga Mat is the thinnest mat among all the exercise mats available. The reason is that the purpose of Yoga is to connect you with the natural powers of nature and hence you need to be in direct contact with the earth. The thinner the mat, the more effective its working will be while doing Yoga. The ideal measurement of a yoga mat varies from 0.3 to 0.6 cm. Yoga mats can be carried around very easily. Now, as Yoga has different asanas, your body requires different mats also to do that asana comfortably and properly. 

One of the most common styles of yoga mats is a Standard Yoga Mat- which is made up of PVC. PVC is famous for its flexibility and grip-adding properties. Another is a Towel-style surface Yoga Mat which is commonly used to avoid sweat and stop slithering and many other styles according to the level of your yoga practice.

One important thing to remember here is that Yoga Mats are designed for personal use. You must not share it for obvious reasons of hygiene. And you should also ensure to clean it regularly.

  1. Pilates Mat-

Pilates requires a smooth surface to be performed accurately. Hence, a special Pilates mat is very necessary for this. The Pilates Mat is slightly thicker in comparison to the Yoga Mats. They are built to bolster the body and give the body proper grip. They are grippy in the surface area and smoother at the top to give you proper movement control while exercising. Pilates Mat requires much more cleaning as compared to the Yoga Mats.

  1. Foam Mat-

The ideal size of foam mats usually lies between two to three feet square. These kinds of mats are preferred by martial artists. As they provide an ample amount of cushioning as required in the martial classes. Martial pieces of training involve high-intensity exercises and thus a poor quality mat might prove to be highly disruptive in between the sessions. Foam mats are designed in a way that they absorb a great amount of shock and also protect our joints.

  1. Warrior Mat-

The most noticeable feature of this mat is that it is totally odorless and slip-free. So you don’t really have to worry about the surface being wet with this mat. The main purpose of this mat is to support and take care of our joints by cushioning them. People who are indulged in practicing hot yoga will love it. 

  1. Floor Protecting Exercise Mats-

These mats are better known as high-maintenance mats because they need to be dealt with utmost carefulness. Unlike the other mats, these cannot be moved from place to place but are meant to occupy a certain place in your home and must be kept there only. So, you must keep them at your regular exercising location in your house. They are very impressive as these mats are not only available in different colors and designs but also possess qualities like shock-absorbent, noise-reducing, and protect the floor underneath. You can place it under your fitness types of equipment to protect the floor of your home gym. 

  1. General-Purpose Mat-

As the name itself suggests, these mats are finely usable for both gym and home. The length of the mat is short but it is very magnificently cushioned to support the body while exercising. This mat works for all kinds of floor-based workouts. Now you don’t need to change the mat after planks, sit-ups, or Russian Twists.

  1. HIIT Mat-

As the name says, this mat is specifically designed for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises. We all know that HIIT requires a good grip on the ground because in absence of a fair grip the chances of injury increase. Therefore this mat provides ample room for intensified movements during a workout like skater lunges, broad jumps, and high knee jumps. If you are planning to set up a home gym or want to add good quality accessories to your already existing gym, then this mat is a must to have. Moreover, it is available in a huge variety of colors and styles hence you can purchase it according to the theme of your room.


The Mats mentioned in this article are widely popular among youth. Every mat has its function, properties, pros, and cons. But you need not get much troubled about the ideal selection. You just have to analyze the level of your workout routine and buy a mat accordingly. 

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