Five reasons for Barcelona’s 2-8 champions league humiliation:

Messi has a huge fan base indeed. Too many people depend on him, but the mishap’s apprehension has come the other way around.

What Barça needs to do is find their lost ideal and idealism back. Total Sportek is one such site that sheds the light on the latest ordeals of the sports industry. Visit website to know more

Bayern Munich did Barcelona’s destruction on 2-8, in the quarterfinals of Champions League in Lisbon, has crashed the floor worldwide.

As the astonished fans were struggling to find sense in what they saw,

Below are five significant mistakes that the team made:

1) Quite messy defense:

Right now, Barcelona is no more famous for its amazing defense strategy.

Back when Barcelona was creating hype, it had brilliant defenders like Javier Mascherano and Carles Puyol.

They provided the fame of Barça because of their stable and consistent performance.

Younger recruits like Clement Lenglet and Semedo did not stick to their wordings.

This made the backline unsafe to skip Bayern Munich from attacking.

2) Slow speed:

I hope you remember the searing bursting from the right side of Dani Alves?

The Brazilian’s speed was an amazing present for Barça.

This would allow them to change the gears in the course of transitional plays smoothly.  Nobody in today’s date could intensify the speed.

Bayern’s Joshua Kimmich challenged Ansu Fati of Barcelona, right, when the Champions League quarterfinal match was going on in between Bayern Munich and Barcelona in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, on Friday, August 14, 2020.

Barcelona never really relied on speed, however, they never lacked it as well.

3)  Quite confused midfield:

It is quite a challenge to replace Andres Iniesta and Xavi, who looked after the management of the game. They accurately handled the ball management.

Ever since they left, the midfield felt dry and suffered from a lack of ingenuity and creativity.

They were quite flawed against Bayern. The team barred Arturo Vidal, asking him to move, run, press, and make goals. However, he lacked genuine support.

Barcelona possessed numerous players however, Bayern was unbeatable. They could rely on the skills of Frenkie de Jong, however, for that they would need to change the whole midfield arrangement, which was quite risky.

4) Messi’s dependency:

It is not Argentina. It is in Barcelona.  But Messi’s dependence turns true.

Argentine has earned various acts of solo rescue, a number of times in his whole career. Unfortunately, his genius cannot become Barcelona’s strategy.

Passing the ball to an amazing player present on the pitch can sometimes be a logical thing to do, but it cannot be the sole strategy.

The technique cannot be Messi’s, although Messi could be present in the center of it.

Barça’s dependence on Messi makes it so much easier for the adversaries to lock Messi out effectively and stage their complete backline on Messi, and win the cup.

5) Transfer mess up:

Barcelona has always achieved the players they wished for, however, more often than not, they allowed them to leave.

Messi was frantic to have Neymar standing next to him.

Messi had blessed Neymar as his non-materialistic successor, however, Barcelona allowed Messi to be scooped by the Paris Saint-Germain.

They gave away about 175 million euros while taking away Phillipe Coutinho, another Brazilian.

Then they gave a decent loan to Phillipe to purchase Bayern, and he arrived to defeat with a couple of goals.

They even splashed out 160 million Euros on Ousmane Dembele, the Frenchman, and sidelined him.

They had spent 120 million Euros to get Greizmann’s services from Atlético Madrid. Even then he didn’t begin the match.


The abruptness, often tolerant, looks like the byproduct of confusion on their part.

In their prime time, Barcelona was considered one of the best teams in the world.

Unfortunately, they are no longer Europe’s finest or shrewdest. Take your mind off it by focusing on other teams and plays by checking the Chivas schedule.

Now all they need is huge tinkering, of philosophy and personnel to revive back their long-lost glory.

It is not needed to say that Barca did certainly win the Champions League on three occasions at the time of the epoch in question, and it’s only very recently that the upsets have become systemic.

It is somewhere sad for the Barca fans to see Barca this way.

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