How to Maintain Your Lawn Garden – Smart and Right Way

Your lawn and the garden adjacent is always the place you love, where you can spend leisure time silently enjoying the nature. Sometime you can arrange a coffee party or a get together party with your family and friends – your near and dear ones.

If you already have a lawn garden, I know, on this vast planet this is one of your favorite place. Or, if you’re planning to buy a new home, I know, you wish to own one with a nice long garden. Whatever is the case is you’ve to be clear about one thing – a dream garden come into reality only when you put on effort – to raise it and to maintain it.

To raise and maintain a garden in your lawn or backyard, you have to know several things and do these in right way. I would like to share some tips here that will help you to maintain your lawn and garden smartly.

Get the right tools

Always use proper tools because the right tools will make you smart saving your precious time. You have to gather shovels and digging tools, rakes, tillers & cultivators, etc. Search on the web, buy the best tools, and know how to use those tools. Purchasing the best broadcast spreader is a good move; however, you have to learn how to use it right.

Watering in the garden timely

Watering properly helps to keep the trees green all the time. But the water should be given regular and modest way. For example, in the summer season or on a scorching hot day, it is important to give water twice a day. But during the rainy season, no need to give water twice a day. Morning and evening are the best time for watering. Again, if the water is not properly poured, the leaves of the tree gradually turn green to brown color. You can give the water by hand. But when the lawn garden is long in size or shape, it is difficult to handle the garden by hand. In the present time, it is so easy to water the garden by the new invention of gardening products. They can smartly help you to give water perfectly such as pump, spray, and pipe.

Take good care of the grass

The grass can increase the beauty of your lawn garden with its green color. Cut the grass to the same size. Use a sharp blade to cut the grass. A blunt blade or any cutter cannot cut the grass in equal size. Make sure to continue watering the grass with other trees.

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Feed the lawn

It is more important to feed the grass. Nitrogen is the main nutrient for the lawn. Feed the lawn in proper time or over time. No need to feed the dry green because it can’t take the feed. Good to know, that by giving over nitrogen the grass will burn. Don’t apply a pre-emergent preventer when you plant the seed. It will stop the natural growth of the seed. Learn the facts here now.

Cutting and Trimming

The technical cutting process confirms the growing of the grass or trees. When cutting the grass, keep in mind that all of them are cut in the same size. For this reason, all the grass will be groomed equally and it will look good and give a nice view. You can use the cutting machine for cutting the grass equally or you can hire tree service provider.

Fertilizing the garden

After the cutting process, it is need to fertilize the lawn. Because when you cut the grass, some nutrition is automatically removed from there. You can apply the spread fertilizing system. It will help save your time and help to reach the fertilizer to the roots of the trees. The beginning of the spring is the best time for fertilizing. Potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus are recommended to have these ingredients mixed with fertilizers.

Again, for a good lawn garden, you have to apply pesticides insecticides, or fungicides in a proper way for certain time intervals. It is wise to fertilize them in a cold session.

Weed control

Weed is a kind of plant which grows in the lawn garden. It is the disturbing plant of the garden. So every gardener tries to weed out. It disturbs to growth of the plant properly. The plants cannot grow usually for such types of weeds. A gardener can’t get the expected plants or trees.

So, now you know what you need to do to keep your lawn garden full-blown and fresh. Applying these techniques would certainly cost you time and money. However at the end of the day, when you will be sitting on the lawn with your favorite book, the tranquility, the green, and the peace will prove its worth.