How to Choose a Good Pitcher Water Filter?

It is an established truth that water contamination and lack of sanitation can lead to many diseases. The fact that many people don’t realize the importance of water purification is sad to learn. Thousands of people suffer from polio, diarrhea, hepatitis A, and several other health problems because of contaminated water. Therefore, often you hear the government authorities talking about the importance of water purification devices. 

Zero and Pur are among the top leading pitcher water filter brands that people are always interested in buying. But buying a product without knowing its benefits is not something that a consumer in 2021 would prefer doing. Therefore, if you want to compare Zero Water and Pur pitcher filters online, you could probably look for platforms that give product reviews and details in brief. 

In this article, you will learn about some basic tips to choose a good pitcher water purification filter. You can still buy a pitcher water filter for double precaution if you already have a refrigerator water purifier. Pitcher water filtration products are pretty popular in the United States, especially in lower and middle-class homes. They cost much less than in-built purifiers and are therefore always in high demand. 

What does a water pitcher or jug purification product do? 

The water purification system in a jug or pitcher is an instant solution that you can use to get clean and safe drinking water. Whenever you want instant filtered water, you can directly pour your tap water into the water pitcher, and its water purifier will instantly clean the water. You can further store the water in your refrigerator or utilize it immediately to quench your thirst. Water pitchers filters are not magical solutions, but they can reduce chlorine, bacteria, smell, and unpleasant taste. 

Are all pitcher water filters the same in their functions?

Although the primary purpose of a water filter is to purify the water. But one must remember that not all water filters are the same. The filtration system in a pitcher can function on a limited number of things. Suppose the purpose of you getting the pitcher filter is to get rid of the smell and taste of the tap water; you would need a filter that removes zinc, chlorine, and other impurities that change its taste. More categories of pitcher filters can remove heavy metals and other contaminants from water, but such water filters come with a separate certification mark. 

How often would you require to change the filter of a pitcher water jar?

When you buy a pitcher water filter from a manufacturer, it comes with an instruction manual that will talk about filter use and replacement. Experts won’t recommend using the same filter for more than six months. But each product comes with its instructions. So, it would be best if you followed the product recommendations to get the best outcome. If you are considering Zero water and Pur filters, you can look for platforms to compare Zero and Pur pitcher water filters. And read their instructions guide, to get every small detail. 

When you check a product review online on a platform that gives you details and advice on the available products in the market, you usually find all the necessary information. Still, if you want to do some more research, you can always consult a salesperson at a retail store. 

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