How to eat healthy and maintain good body shape

When it comes to health we all know it’s very important as that’s one thing you can’t buy and it has huge impact on your wellbeing and life.

To maintain good health there are many steps you should take like regular light workouts, regular health checkups to detect any health issues before it gets too big to show symptoms, keeping things clean and bacteria & virus free, cure any minor disease or injury so it will not get serious, getting all necessary vitamins regularly…

With all of this it’s hard to control your health at a best level but at least you should do it on “good enough” level.

Do you know what has huge impact on your health? Food. No doubt about it.

We eat every day, several times during the day and food is major source for vitamins, energy and also negative things such as bacteria, viruses, cholesterol and many others that damages our bodies in different ways.

Eating healthy, natural & balanced food is the key to great health!

What is balanced food and why it matters

Balanced food or balanced diet as name suggests is a special eating ratio that includes different kinds of foods, each containing different sorts of vitamins and nutrients needed for your body.

We all have heard many times, vegetables are very healthy and beneficial for any human, but did you know if you’ll only eat vegetables and noting more you’ll not have supreme health? Even more, it increases chances for different diseases.

Also, meat has many necessary vitamins but only meat isn’t great either.

Each food type contains some short of vitamins, not all but you body needs all. The right choice is to eat all sorts of food so your body gets all vitamins.

Ideally, you should eat a lot of vegetables, good chunks of fruits, many milk products and some meat. You should quit eating junk food or fast food that’s made of many unhealthy ingredients in an unhealthy way.

You should take a good look at “unhealthy way” above, yes, how the food is made matter a lot!

You should avoid using too much oil while cooking and never use burnt oil again and again.

Also, you should always pay attention and make sure food is maximally cleaned and is cooked with great cleanliness.

Another side of balanced eating is to control how much you actually eat.

You should count calories and monitor how much calories you get & spend per day.

Generally, for women recommended daily calories is about 2000 cal. (nearly 8400 kilojoules) and for men about 2500 cal. (nearly 10500 kilojoules).

However, it’s important to know that if you’re physically active person, moving too much during the day or doing workouts, it’s recommended to get more calories so you’ll not loose weight(of course if you don’t want to).

If you have lazy daily routine and don’t have many physical activities, it’s recommended to reduce daily calories a bit so you will not get fat.

It should be noted that, being too fat or too sick is also very bad for health, so always look at your body mass index (BMI) and make sure you’re in golden range.

Note: Many people love to have cheese with everything. If you are a cheese lover then check this things which is for for cheese lovers.

What food is best for your health?

You should always eat foods that contain natural minerals and vitamins necessary for your body.

Make sure you eat copper rich foods that give your body minerals & production power for bones and connective tissues. Also copper is helping your body to absorb another necessary mineral – iron.

Some of the foods full of copper include asparagus, mushrooms and dark chocolate.

Iron rich foods are also compulsory for your body as iron is required to produce hemoglobin and hemoglobin is necessary substance red blood cells.

You can get a lot of iron from spinach, red meat and pumpkin seeds.

Protein is another very important product for your body as it’s used for numerous body processes including muscular tissue growth and feeding them.

Eggs, milky products, beans and oats are major source of protein.

It’s always a top priority to be healthy and stay that way, having good diet and eating healthy foods is a great way to avoid diseases, health issues and body weakness.

Always pay attention to what you eat and make sure you get all the components!

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