The Scientifically Proven Way to Improve Skeletal Muscle

Get the skeletons of your closet. They need to build their muscles!

Skeletal muscles are essential for your body to function. Lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability around the world. Weak muscles around the spine can strain the lower back, causing immobilizing pain.

Many people know about building their muscles. But they think about their biceps or core. You need to improve skeletal muscle mass if you want to avoid back pain and disability.

Don’t panic. Learning how to improve skeletal muscle takes only a few moments. Here is a quick guide.

Eat Well

Your muscles need proteins and amino acids to resist strain. The International Society of Sports Nutrition believes that a person should consume 1.4-2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight every day. A person who weighs 150 pounds should eat 95-136 grams of protein every day.

Eat protein from a variety of different sources. Four ounces of steak contain 33 grams of protein, but they also contain five grams of saturated fat. Pick a slice of leaner meat like ham or chicken.

Eat seafood. Salmon contains high levels of protein and low levels of fat. Fish provides omega-3 fats, which promote blood flow to the muscles.

Vegetables, nuts, and grains also contain high proteins. Beans and lentils contain just as much protein as meat. Broccoli and asparagus have good levels of protein, though they are lower than the levels found in nuts.

Dietary supplements and protein beverages can help, but you should focus on your food. Read more about the supplements you are taking before buying them.


Building muscle is about more than lifting weights. Building skeletal muscles requires multiple forms of exercise, including cardiovascular work.

Endurance exercise involves increasing your breathing and heart rates. By walking or jogging, you facilitate blood flow into your muscles. This allows your muscles to repair.

Your body develops endurance during long periods of motion. The muscles learn to oxidize fatty acids, promoting their resilience.

Anaerobic exercise encourages your muscles to build through short bursts of activity. When you lift heavy weights, your muscles need to break down glucose for fuel. This allows them to intake more oxygen when you are resting.

Stretching is the final component of muscle building. Stretch your back as much as possible. Perform knee to chest stretches and prone bridges to stretch all parts of your back.

Combine all three forms of exercise to improve skeletal muscle. Stretch your back and legs first. Make sure all parts of your body are nimble for the exercise ahead.

Integrate anaerobic exercise into endurance training. Go for a long walk, but do some short sprints during that walk. Perform yoga moves, then lift some heavyweights.

When you’re done exercising, give your body time to rest. If you over-exert yourself, you will damage your muscles. Eat a full meal and remain as still as possible.

How to Improve Skeletal Muscle

Learning how to improve skeletal muscle is essential for good health. The scientifically proven ways to build muscle are simple: good diet and exercise.

Eat a lot of protein every day. You can eat meat but opt for leaner cuts with less saturated fat. Eat legumes, nuts, and vegetables that have high protein.

Integrate all three kinds of exercise into your routine. Practice endurance exercise with short bursts of anaerobic activities. Stretch your muscles to keep them in shape.

Build your perfect body every day. Follow our coverage for more health guides.

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