How to Find Hardwood in Stardew Valley?

Hardwood plays a significant role in Stardew Valley as it is used for making things like gates, fences, and other structures. But how do players acquire this material? Cutting down trees from the farm may not provide enough wood. So, folks need to find alternative ways to collect the wood.

Hardwood Stardew Valley differs from regular wood in that it is more durable and aesthetically pleasing than other types of wood. Also, it possesses better versatility than wood. Some options for acquiring this wood and recommendations for its responsible application are provided below.

A Few Places to Find:

Players may be wondering about the places where they can find the hardwood. This material is extremely hard to find in this valley, but there are few places to get it.

Upon Removal of Large Stumps: 

The stumps you observe around your farm are there for a reason. You can use a copper ax to cut them and obtain two wood planks from each stump. However, you must be aware if you have the Forest Farm, as they will not respawn on your farm.

Cut Large Logs: 

Large logs for chopping are available on your farm and in the Cindersap forest. Each day, six enormous stumps reappear, giving players the equivalent of twelve pieces of this material.

You Can Find Them in Mines: 

Although this is a highly unreliable source, you may sometimes find this material concealed in the mines. The planks can occasionally be unearthed in the mines, thanks to the random spawning of chests and crates. 

Selecting Lumberjack Skills: 

When you reach level ten in gathering, you will be given the option to specialize as a Lumberjack. Hardwoods may fall from any tree you cut, increasing your chances of making a profit. The acquisition of such timber in this method is the safest.

Now that you know how rare these timbers are and how many different ways they may be put to use, you’ll be able to keep an eye on them and avoid selling them by accident.

Axing a mahogany tree is the most time- and an effort-effective way to get the job done. A Copper Ax, or any Ax, is required if you wish to cut a substantial stump. A Steel Ax, or something comparable, is needed to cut through a massive timber. Hardwood in Stardew Valley can also be found in the hidden forests.

In Stardew Valley, How Much Time Do You Have Left?

There is a gap of twenty-eight days between each season. The game advances one year before the next spring begins. There is no limit to the number of seasons that can be played; however, they have connections to specific events.

Hardwood is also used to enhance the buildings in Stardew Valley. It will take two hundred and fifty timbers and fifty thousand grams to accomplish Farmhouse Upgrade 2. Moreover, it will take five iron bars, a hundred wood, and ten thousand grams to make a stable. Thus, this object plays quite an essential role in the game.

Final Word

Hardwood is used in various construction and crafting projects across Stardew Valley, making it one of the game’s most important resources; nevertheless, it can be challenging to find due to its scarcity. As you move through the game, you’ll find that you need more and more timbers for the increasingly complex items you’ll be crafting. Please follow the steps mentioned above to locate the hardwood. 

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