How to Identify a Drunk Driver on the Road 

Driving under the influence poses a serious threat to road safety. Being able to identify a drunk driver can help prevent potential accidents and save lives. In this guide, we’ll explore the subtle signs and behaviors that may indicate someone is driving under the influence. If you were seriously injured in a  drunk driving accident, please contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Snohomish County to help you get the compensation you deserve.  

The Telltale Signs 

  • Drunk drivers often struggle to maintain a consistent speed and may make abrupt lane changes without signaling. Be wary of vehicles exhibiting erratic movements on the road.
  • Impaired motor skills are a common giveaway. If you observe a driver having difficulty staying within their lane, weaving, or straddling the center line, it could be a sign of intoxication. 

Observing Physical Cues 

  • If you happen to be at a stoplight or in traffic next to another vehicle, listen for slurred speech or observe signs of confusion when interacting with others. These may indicate impairment.
  • Bloodshot or glassy eyes, along with strange or inappropriate behavior, can be red flags. Keep a  safe distance and report such observations to law enforcement. 

Navigating Intersections 

  • Drunk drivers may overlook or ignore traffic signals and signs. Be cautious if you notice a vehicle running red lights, stop signs, or failing to yield the right of way. 
  • Watch out for delayed responses to signals, such as slow starts when the light turns green or a  significant lag in reaction to changing road conditions. Impaired drivers may struggle with quick decision-making. 

Time and Place Matters 

  • Drunk driving incidents are more prevalent during late-night and early-morning hours. Exercise extra caution during these times and stay alert for signs of impaired driving.
  • Areas around bars and clubs are common hotspots for drunk driving. Stay vigilant when driving near these establishments, especially during weekends and holidays. 

Taking Action Responsibly 

  • Maintain a safe following distance from any vehicle exhibiting erratic driving. This provides you with enough time to react and reduces the risk of a collision. 
  • If you suspect a driver is under the influence, report their behavior to local law enforcement immediately. Provide details such as the vehicle’s description, license plate number, and location. 


Identifying a drunk driver is not just a personal responsibility; it is a way to promote safe highways. Impaired driving is a danger whose vigilant response is required. Staying alert can help identify erratic movements, impaired motor skills, and physical cues such as slurred speech and bloodshot eyes,  thereby preventing accidents and saving lives. This knowledge of where and when most of the drunk driving incidents occur gives us a chance to be extra careful during these incidents. These actions like staying a safe distance from the drunk driver and reporting the suspected driver to the law enforcement officers can help a great deal in preventing such accidents among the impaired drivers. No contribution is small in the search for safer roads and by being alert and responsive we are part of the process of making safer roads for us all.

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