How to Make Your Car Look Cool: The Ultimate Guide

Around 50% of Americans refer to their car as a friend. It’s no wonder, then, why people love tuning vehicles and making them stand out. Buying a brand new roadster is awesome, but there’s not much that compares to swapping parts and adding bells and whistles to a classic.

Figuring out how to make your car look cool is no easy task, though. It’s a mix of finding replacements, the best car mods, and car accessories that can all fit together for great results.

While determining whether or not a vehicle looks cool is subjective, there are some objective changes you can make to spruce up an older model. If you’re interested in driving a car that turns heads, read ahead!

Interior Design is Essential

You should never judge a book by its cover. The same goes for automobiles. A cool looking car can still be lacking. That’s why you have to dedicate some energy to interior design.

There are a lot of opinions revolving around what works inside a vehicle. What should you do with regards to the car seats, dashboard, and roof? Well, you might consider adding led strips to the seams on the dash or seats. If you really want to stun potential passengers, swap out the seats for racing models.

The Right Car Accessories

Some of the best car mods are all about picking the right car accessories. You’re looking at swapping out that old steering wheel and gear shift head. Consider replacing your pedals with flashier and more comfortable alternatives. Mixing colors here works great, as well, as they can contrast with different colored floor mats.

Try to find a balance, of course. Too many bells and whistles can feel a bit overwhelming and obnoxious. Some car enthusiasts recommend investing more in fewer accessories, rather than more accessories. But, you should opt for whatever you prefer!

Windows and Brand

Tinting your windows comes with a plethora of benefits. One, of course, is that it usually helps make your car look pretty cool. But, it’s also a great way to make it harder for onlookers to see items of value inside, and keep some of that bright sunlight out.

In terms of brands, some people like to swap out their car emblems. A few people do this to avoid coming off as too obnoxious, removing the BMW logo entirely. Others create their own. Whatever your choice, making a change here can make a big difference as well.

Colors That Turn Heads

Exterior and interior colors are probably at the top of the priority list for what you should spend the most time pondering. Do you want a single solid matte color on all exterior parts? Or, might you prefer a few stripes along the sides, the hood, or the roof? This is subjective, as well, but there are some combinations that are guaranteed to satisfy both the driver and onlookers alike.

Slap on a bold red or orange for a display of confidence and quirkiness. Dark red or blue are subtle but tend to impress. A clean white with purple details is also fantastic. Consider looking around for combinations that draw your eye.


If you feel like painting your car is a bit boring, consider wrapping it. Some use this option for a unique color blend, but it’s mostly used to apply an awesome design. You can apply wrapping to certain parts, or the entire car, and they’re very easy to remove.

It’s a great and accessible way to apply unique textures, colors, and images to your ride.

Headlights and Tail Lights

Headlights and tail lights are often overlooked. This is a major missed opportunity. Sleek, clean, and unique headlights can make all the difference. Some even come with programmable lighting, and can greatly improve the overall look of a car. A small suggestion is to avoid picking colored bulbs, though, as it’s looked down upon in general.

Change The Hood

When changing your headlights or tail lights, consider modifying the hood. A complete replacement is usually the best choice, as modifying the one you own can be both expensive and tedious.

Swap Out Your Wheels

Wheels are so important, beyond the obvious reasons like providing the capacity to actually travel. Swapping and improving your wheels also involves determining other factors. Height is one example, and whether or not you should lift or lower your car depends on personal preference.

You’ll usually want to lift larger vehicles and drop smaller models. Take a quick look at what kind, size, and color rims you want, as well. Here’s where color plays a major role, as it should always match or completely contrast your car’s paint job. Car fans love a good set of rims, so you might want to invest quite a bit here. If you want to really impress, check out this article.

Regarding rubber, pick the pneumatics that function properly first. Then, from that selection, find what you think would fit best. Always prioritize safety; investing in a car to make it look cool and then totaling it is not cool.

Brake Pads

Making your car look cool can often rest on the smallest details. Brake pads are another variable that is often overlooked. Swapping the originals for a colored alternative can add that extra spice to your wheels.

How To Make Your Car Look Cool

Whether you want to stand out and impress or find self-fulfillment in redesigning your car, these tips should help. Where some think that changing a car’s paint job and wheels is enough, you now know that it’s a lot more involved than it looks. Of course, you don’t have to add unique accessories, use wrapping, or swap out headlights and tail lights, to impress. However, these are all changes that blend together for an often incredible result.

Hopefully these suggestions on how to make your car look cool motivated and guided you on steps you should take to improve your car’s aesthetics. Before you get out there and impress, consider looking around the site for other informative articles.


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