Jock Itch and How to Avoid It

Men who wear undergarments on a regular basis often suffer from rashes in the groin area. Though it is mostly confined to men, quite a few women also suffer from it. There could be many reasons for the same and fungus infection known as dermatophytes is the most common cause of this rash in the groin area. It also could be because of moisture, humidity, irritation or bacterial overgrowth. It is a highly irritating condition and could lead to itching, burning and other symptoms. Hence, the first step forward is to look for some classic symptoms. It usually manifests itself as a red or pink rash in the folds of the groin. As mentioned above it also is accompanies by itching, pain and if allowed to fester, it also could have a bad odor.

Who Are Prone To It

It is a skin infection which usually occurs in older men and also those who are obese and overweight. Athletes are also prone to jock itch infection. Hence it is a disease which could impact healthy people. It is disease which is easily curable. In many cases the disease cures itself without any treatment. It impacts the groin area because of the unique anatomical structure of this area. Since it remains closed for a long period of the day, it is possible that it could lead to excessive sweating. Further the undergarments which you use could also cause abrasion which again could be the reason for such jock infections.

How To Treat It

The first step to treating this problem is to be sure that the person concerned is suffering from jock infection. As mentioned above there are some classic symptoms like red and pink rashes in the groin area.  They are itchy, moist and continuously irritating. At times they are also accompanied by bad odor. Once these symptoms manifest, you could either go to a skin specialist or use the right jock itch cream.However, the trouble lies in choosing the right medications with many options being available.

Keeping the area as dry and moisture free as possible is the first step towards overcoming this problem. You must choose the right antifungal ointment and also use ointments that have zinc oxides. The creams or ointments should be used continuously for three to four weeks so that there is complete remission. These creams and ointments could help in controlling and reversing the growth of dermatophyte molds. They are also useful in fighting Candida yeasts. The best thing is that these medications can be purchased without prescriptions.

Any Natural Avenues Available

Once there is a confirmed case of jock infection, medications and ointments are the best way to cure it. However, if one wants to be proactive than being reactive, here are a few things which one could think of. It is important to wash the groin at least three to four times a day, especially during summer season when the humidity levels are high. The groin area should always be kept dry. It would be advisable to wear 100% cotton undergarments because they are non-irritating. You also must avoid using bleaches, fabric softeners and detergents that are harsh.

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