How much is Kenya Moore Net Worth

Kenya Moore has become a sensation since her being one of the leading cast members in The Real Housewives of Atlanta, a popular reality show. As a most popular TV personality, Moore is now at the peak of people’s interest. If you are one of those hundreds of thousands of people searching to know the ins and outs of Kenya Moore, we assure you that you have landed to the right place. Besides, fans are very much interested to know about Kenya Moore net worth.

For now, let’s have a look at the life, career, achievements, and the fortune Kenya Moore has made so far in the following. Let’s get started without delay!

Kenya Moore net worth

Kenya Moore Net Worth

Kenya Moore Per Year Income in the TV Show ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta:

Years                Net Worth

2011                $125,000

2012                $156,000

2013                $206,000

2016                $270,000

In 2017, she has earned about $1 million. Some sources say that till now she has a net worth of $800,000.

Facts About Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore is a renowned television personality, model, and an American actress. She was born in Detroit, Michigan. Her mother left her even without a name after her birth. She was brought up by her grandmother. Also, Moore was named by her grandma as well. Despite all these obstructions, she was proved to be an outstanding student.

To support her upbringing, Kenya joined the showbiz at the age of 14. Moore started her career at an early age as a television actress. In the year 1993, she achieved the crown of Miss Michigan-USA. She appeared as a guest actress in the TV shows ‘Martin,’ ‘Living Single,’ ‘The Parent Hood,’ ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ ‘Sparks etc.

This was the beginning of her career. As a newcomer, her earnings were not that high, but gradually she became famous, and her remuneration started to rise higher with the passage of time. In 1999, Kenya played a role in the NBC sitcom named ‘In the House’, which led her to act in the 2000 erotic thriller movie ‘Troise.’ This film brought her huge familiarity and earned $1.3 million.

Kenya Moore was cast as a central role in the reality TV series ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ which proved to be her trump card. The show became incredibly popular, and her face became very familiar by this time. More than 2 million viewers enjoy each episode of the show. She was cast in this show from 2011 to 2016.

This show pays a lot to its cast and crews. According to some reliable sources, she earned $600,000 from the first season to 2013. She made more than $1.4 million by season 9.  Particularly in season 9, she had earned $100,000! Sources confirm that she takes $300,000 per season.

Like the other actors, her income comes from a number of sources. She has her own online shop. Moore also acted in her own exercise video series, which is named the Booty Boot Camp. These exercise shows also contributed to bringing her much money.

Kenya Moore also appeared as a producer and director. She had directed the 2015 film ‘Life Twirls’ and produced films like ‘Trois,’ ‘Brothers in Arms,’ ‘Haitan Nights,’ ‘The Confidant, etc.’. These productions and directions had earned her a lot too. The ‘Haitan Nights’ brought her about $340,000. She has launched her own production house named ‘Moore Vision Media.’

Personal Life Facts

# We talked about Kenya Moore net worth previously. We are going to discuss about her personal life facts. Unlike Remy Ma, Kenya Moore is unmarried. She is currently dating a person whose identity has not been revealed yet. Before this relationship, she had an affair with her co-actor Matt Jordan. However, as Jordan was a short-tempered person, their relationship did not work out.

# She graduated from Cass Technical High School in the year 1989 in Detroit, Michigan. After graduation, she studied at Wayne State University and was a student of psychology.

# Moore now is living in a 7,200-square foot home. The house is incredibly beautiful and is luxurious as well. The walls and toilets are unique, and her professional makeup corner is very eye-catching.

# Moore donated approximately $20,000 in 2014 to the Detroit Public Schools Fund to help to provide the students with study materials like books, notebooks, computers, etc. In the year 2017, she has donated $450 to the Children Foundation in Michigan to help the victims of water crisis!

Kenya Moore on The Wendy Williams Show

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Kenya Moore

Q. What is the Model of Kenya Moore Car?

A. Kenya Moore appeared last time with a Bentley GTC, and as per our sources, it worth around $225,000.

Q. Is Kenya Moore Married? Does Moore have any Children?

A. To be very straightforward, the answer is- NO! Moore is not married. And, we have not heard much about her having a kid though she revealed a secret regarding in-vitro fertilization.

Q. How Much Kenya Moore Earned Last Working Year?

A. Though it is just an estimated value, Moore has made around $270,000 in 2016 or more as per we came to know from different sources. Beside, Kenya Moore net worth in 2017 is 0.8 million. But, it is confirmed that the majority of this figure was from her TV show The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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