Things Every Adult Male Should Know About the Circumcision Surgery

While most men tend to have different reasons for opting for the circumcision surgery, the fact surely remains the same. Adult circumcision surgery is a common and hotly discussed topic in this country. Where the vast majority of circumcised men underdog this surgery when they are infants, some men choose to have the procedure later in their life.

In order to understand whether circumcision is a suitable procedure for you or not, you must know the benefits, motives and the risks that tag along with this surgery. Along with the right information, you can then proceed and make a well-informed and healthy decision.

Motives of the Adult Circumcision Surgery

There are so many reasons why choose to opt for this surgery, but in general, they tend to fall into two main categories, social and medical.

The medical reason for circumcision in adult males is a wide-ranging one, but none of these causes has a consistent frequency. The most common reason in the medical world for adult circumcision is the condition that goes by the name “phimosis.” Some men experience this condition when the foreskin of the penis becomes too tight. Eventually, this makes it hard for them to retract the foreskin, causing other problems and pain during intercourse.

The good news is that men who choose to circumcise their penis are less likely to contract certain diseases that transmit sexually; this includes HPV, genital ulcers, and HIV and type two herpes. Evidence also shows that an adult Circumcision Center surgery could lower the risks of penile cancer, even though this is a rare disease.

Cultural and social influences also motivate men to opt for the circumcision surgery. The motives are personal and they require plenty thought as well as inward and complete reflection before making the final choice. The religious reasons also play an important role in circumcisions, as men feel the desire to connect with their religious identity or heritage.

Sometimes, social motives for the circumcision surgery are also purely cosmetic. In other words, partners tend to prefer the circumcised appearance of the penis.

The Outcome of the Surgery

The basics of the adult circumcision surgery are quite straightforward. However, during the surgical procedure, your surgeon will inject you with a general or local anesthesia in order to numb the area. Your surgeon will then retract the foreskin & trim it off, finally using sutures to close the cuts. On the surgery day, your doctors will give you the permission to head back home. Keep in mind that in the first couple of days post surgery, you may experience bruising and swelling with some pain at the incision site.

The Benefits of the Circumcision Surgery

Along with the reasons mentioned above, other benefits men tend to experience after their circumcision can vary. The main benefit that men say they experience is easier hygiene, which results in fewer infections in that sensitive area. Other benefits are more sensitivity, and some men say their intimate relationship becomes better, slowing the time it reaches to climax.

Risks of Circumcision

Before your loved one or you make a decision regarding adult circumcision, it is important that you understand the possible or uncertain risks that come with the steps. Although modern medicine makes this surgery reliable and safe, just as with the surgical procedure, keep in mind, some risks that come with it.

As an example, there is a risk of removing excessively much or little skin and there’s a possibility for some visually unappealing or unpleasing results. Patients also experience tears in their sutures, could be due to increase in pain, sensitivity or unintended erections.

Other risks include:

  • Glans irritation
  • Pain
  • Risks of infection and bleeding at the incision site
  • Increased risks of meatitis (which is the inflammation of the penis opening)
  • Risks of injury to the penis

How the Surgery Takes Place

During the circumcision surgery, the foreskin of the penis frees away from the head of the penis and the excess foreskin clips off. The surgery is common for male boys when they were newborns. In infants, the procedure could last for about 10 minutes. On the other hand, the adult circumcision surgery takes about an hour. In general, it takes as much as five to seven days for the healing to occur.

If you are planning to go under the knife for the circumcision surgery, you need to know that it comes multiple benefits, you just have to be sure that you choose the right expert to help you with the surgery. Go through their details, their certifications, years of experience practicing, the number of cases and success rate of the surgeries they performed. These details will help you in choosing a suitable surgeon and ensuring that you heal well after the circumcision surgery.

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