How Much is Nicki Minaj Net Worth

Nicki Minaj is one of the leading female rapper and most influential Hip-Hop artists from Trinidad & Tobago. She is a multitalented lady, and Nicki Minaj net worth is estimated around $75 million. Nicki is a singer, songwriter, actor, rapper, composer, artist, voice actor, visual artist, and TV personality. However, she is mostly known as a rapper and hip-hop artist. Her musical journey started with the debut album titled “Pink Friday” back in 2010, and it received platinum shortly after the release.

Nicki Minaj net worth

Nicki Minaj Net Worth

According to several popular sources, Nicki Minaj Net Worth is estimated more or less $75 million as of now. And, most of her income is generated from album sales, singles sales, ticket sales, performance fees, and TV Shows. Minaj appeared as a celebrity judge in one of the most popular TV Shows “American Idol” in its 2013 season. The show earned Minaj around $12 million.

Apart from that, she also earned a huge some amount of money from her guest verses in collaborating with other artist’s songs. She boldly claims that she got $50,000 per verse from Kayne West’s “Monster.”

Early Life

Born on December 8th, 1982 in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago, Nicki Minaj lived with her grandma since she reached her five years. Her mom was a student at Monroe College and shifted to New York. Her father was alcoholic and used to take other drugs at the same time as well. The hardest truth is- Minaj’s father once burnt down the house being so high on drugs.

Minaj was brought up by her granny in Trinidad. Later on, the family moved to NY by Minaj’s mom when she was just 5. She graduated from LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and wanted to become an actress after completing her graduation.


As mentioned earlier, Nicki Minaj wanted to be an actress after completing her graduation from LaGuardia High School in Manhattan. However, she ended up being a Hip-Hop artist with the chronicle of time. Minaj had to work as a waitress at the very beginning of her career when she was passing the hard times preparing for her career as an actress. However, ways were not that smooth, and she was fired from her waitress job at Red Lobster in the Bronx.

Minaj’s musical career began in 2004 when she started making music with a group named “Full Force.” She signed a deal for six months with the group. In the year 2007, Minaj’s first mixtape came into being and later one she released another mixtape the next year, in 2008.

The year 2009 is probably the most important year in Minaj’s career that given her career a turning point. Nicki Minaj met a fellow American rapper named Lil Wayne in 2009. It is also said that Lil Wayne discovered Minaj and assisted her to launch her musical career. Lil Wayne offered Nicki a recording contract that year. She signed the deal with Lil Wayne’s company Young Money Entertainment. She also collaborated with several artists from Young Money Entertainment’s artists and got herself featured in a couple of songs from the label.

Minaj’s career as a hip-hop artist reached the peak in 2010 as soon as her debut album titled as “Pink Friday” released. In the very first week after the release, the album got more than 3,75,000 sales, and Nicki Minaj began to get serious attention from the media. Thus, she became one of the leading and most influential Hip Hop artists as of today. According to some sources, Minaj’s debut album was sold more than 4 million copies. And, with the debut album, Nicki Minaj net worth kissed an estimated $1.89 million as claimed by different sources.

Facts About Nicki Minaj

# Nicki Minaj’s childhood was quite miserable, and her father was a drunkard. Her mom moved to New York leaving her at a very early age, and she was brought up by her granny.

# Minaj has been in a romantic relationship for two years with another popular rapper Meek Mill.

# In 2011, as the first female rapper Nicki Minaj joined the Forbes Magazine’s Hip-Hop Cash Kings list. She was at No. 15 on the list with $6.5 million earnings in 2010-2011.

# Nicki Minaj has her brand “Pink Friday” and several other business endeavors together with the music career.

# Nicki firmly believes in being her own boss that changed her way of life.

As there are controversies, no matter whether Nicki Minaj net worth is $70 million as claimed by several other sources, or $75 million, she is indeed one of the leading female rappers in the world. Despite her miserable childhood, Minaj followed her heart and didn’t give up. And, that’s all that made the difference, and she came up with an identity as one of the most influential hip-hop artists.

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