Outdoor Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Let’s face it: there’s been nothing fun about COVID-19! Almost 6.5 million people have contracted the virus to date, turning our entire lives upside down in the process.

Thankfully, though, after months of remaining indoors and socially-distanced, we can now venture outdoors with a bit more freedom. However, with the pandemic still raging, it’s important to do so safely.

Are you desperate to get outside but determined to steer clear of the coronavirus pandemic? Let us help! Keep reading for our top outdoor safety tips during COVID-19.

Remember the Basics

Many of the guidelines for staying safe indoors also apply when you set foot outdoors. For instance, you have to wash your hands with soap on a regular basis (or use a high-quality hand sanitizer) and wear a dri fit mask when other people are around. Likewise, you should avoid touching your face as much as possible (especially when you haven’t washed your hands).

Oh, and it goes without saying that you shouldn’t go outside if you have any COVID-like symptoms! That’ll help keep others safe as well as yourself.  

Check the Rules

Try to do some research into the rules and regulations of your intended outdoor destination(s) as well. Different spots will have specific guidelines in place (like wearing face coverings) that dictate what you can and can’t do there. Make sure you know about them in advance so you can stick to the rules.

Furthermore, many popular outdoor places will have taken action to keep their visitors safe. Amenities (such as bathrooms, campsites, and parking lots) may be closed, access times might have changed, and so on. A quick Google search will ensure you know what to expect upon arrival.

Keep Your Distance

As you’re sure to know by now, staying far enough away from others is crucial to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Keep that in mind when you head outside and there are other people around.

Stand to the side to let other people pass, leave space in the queue, park far apart from other cars, and so on. Be mindful of your proximity to others at every turn and you’re sure to stay safer outside.

Avoid the Crowds

Staying away from crowded places is, of course, imperative when it comes to keeping your distance from others! Remember that fact as you decide which outdoor destinations to visit and at what time of day/year.

You might have a favorite place that you can’t wait to visit again. But if there’s a good chance it’ll be bustling with people, then it might be best to look elsewhere. The same applies when you’re heading anywhere closer to home too, such as local parks, shopping malls, and grocery stores, etc; strive to avoid crowds at all costs.

Don’t Forget These Outdoor Safety Tips

Coronavirus has kept us cooped up indoors for months on end. But no more! We can now set foot outside our homes again and get back to nature. Nevertheless, with the pandemic far from over, it’s important to do so safely.

We hope the outdoor safety tips in this post will help in this regard. Keep them in mind for a better chance of steering clear of COVID in your upcoming outdoor excursions.

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