Pikler Triangle or How to Develop a Kid`s Physical Skill & Fantasy Together

Plush toys, reading, drawing, and being outdoors are important, but modern parenting trends are making adjustments and innovations. Many families have decided to use the Montessori method for the best development of their baby, creating a special design for the nursery and dividing it into exclusive zones.

One of the important elements of such an interior is a play area where you can place a Montessori arch, a balancing ramp, and a pikler triangle — and parents should learn more about the last element!

About Pikler Triangle

Hungarian pediatrician EmmiPikler changed the lives of many families by talking about her research. She found out that babies and toddlers can do much more than parents used to think. In addition, children need to be given space to play and involved in independent development — moreover, special pieces of furniture can contribute to this.

A striking example is a Pikler triangle, which consists of two inclined stairs. Such an element of stuff allows the child to:

  • regularly do physical exercises in the playing process;
  • strengthen muscles & improve coordination;
  • develop imagination using the triangle in everyday games, using it as a frame for a mini house or a slide.

Thus, this ladder is a multifunctional playing area equipment for home use. However, in the warm season, the triangle can also be placed in the garden or courtyard, so that the child combines fresh air with physical activity.

How To Use a Triangle Safely?

  1. Check how stable the triangle is. Don`t install it on slippery surfaces.
  2. The child should play with similar stuff barefoot so that the grip on the surface is strong enough.
  3. If the triangle is placed in the courtyard, then pick up the most non-slip sports shoes.
  4. Before buying, check the quality certificates and international producing certificates of the manufacturer.
  5. Give preference to stairs made of natural material (wood), rather than plastic, because it can emit harmful fumes when heated.

Arranging Nursery with Montessori Stuff

Planning to have a Montessori nursery? Well, Pickler’s triangle won’t be enough! Toddlers will develop their motor skills on their own only if they have enough space to do so. So, make sure that the children’s room is large enough and is divided into special zones:

  • a place to sleep (choose a low bed);
  • a play space separated by a bright carpet;
  • dressing area with a comfortable wardrobe and chest of drawers for linen;
  • study area with table and chair.

You can also make a small area for parents with an armchair, where mom or dad can comfortably read fairy tales to the baby. Sets like the Pickler triangle or Montessori arches can be located both in the nursery playing area or transferred to the living room.

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