Repairing Malfunctioning Pipes

Malfunctioning pipe can be a source of never ending problems. Most individuals are led to believe that the only option is replacement. However it is a fact that pipes that are either broken or leaking or blocked can be relined. To many individuals this may appear as a new concept. There is all that you need to know about relining of pipes that are malfunctioning.

The process of relining

The process of relining involved insertion of a textile liner that is coated with resin into the section that is broken. This textile liner hardens inside the pipe and becomes an inner pipe that has a long life. The site featured here  relies on brawoliner technology for the purpose of conducting repairs on pipes. This technology was first developed in Germany and is considered to be the best process for the purpose of repairing pipes.

Long life of relined pipes

The technology used by this site, is known to last for as long as 50 years, and this effectively means that despite the reasonable pipe relining cost, the solution is more of a permanent nature. This is contrary to common belief that pipe relining is a temporary  solution that will not last long, or will under perform after a short period.

High speed repairs

This innovative method of pipe repairs is a high speed method and dispensers with the need for extensive and expensive  pipe repair processes. For instance traditional pipe repair involved the identification of the portion that is leaking or repaired and digging up the particular section following which will be replaced and rejoined with other sections. This can be a time consuming and expensive affair. Additionally it also comes with the probability of  improper identification of the leaking portion of the pipe.

Make use of the latest technology

The technology used for pipe relining here involves the use of flexible textile liners which can be inserted into one end easily. Compared with the traditional methods of repairing pipes this offers high speed repairs without having to dig up entire portions or sections of the pipe. The technology can repair damaged portions of the pipe arising either out of protruding tree roots, cracks in the pipe, dislodgement due to vibration or other external forces, and iteration of the pipe as a result of erosion.

Use of high tech CCTV cameras

For the purpose of understanding locating the fault the featured site makes use of CCTV cameras. The cameras are inserted into the pipe to understand the nature of the fault, the extent of the damage and the exact location of the fault within the pipe. Additional e the CCTV cameras are also used for the purpose of identifying problems that caused the damage to the pipes. CCTV cameras are also used when sewage systems and drain pipes are blocked.

Common problems identified by  cameras

Some of the common problems that have been identified by cameras are pipes that are broken, cracked, collapsed, and infested with roots or sink into the ground. It is possible to easily rectify faults after they are accurately identified.

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