Safe and Convenient Storage Options

Residents moving out of homes, or those who are looking at stop gap arrangements for holding their belongings in a safe and secure facility, now have the best of options. Services offer the safe loading of belongings onto modules that are specially and thoughtfully designed, which will then be carted away to safe facilities. At the facilities the furniture will remain in pristine condition, which can be collected as and when required.

Stow your furniture safely

With storage sunshine coast services home owners and residents need never worry about the condition of the objects stored in the facility. The biggest problem or apprehension of home owners is the impact of closed, damp spaces on wood and other objects. Molding and possible decaying of wood is a problem that many home owners dread when they opt for stowing away furniture. This occurs because storage of wood requires the facilities to have adequate cross ventilation to prevent a damp condition, which facilitates molding.

Ensure that objects are not damaged

However, with the right service, it is possible to remain assured that furniture and other objects are absolutely safe. A good facility managed professionally with the right infrastructure, offers well aired locations with proper lounge racks for safely storing furniture and other objects. Another concern of home owners is unplanned stowing of articles. Objects that are delicate, or smaller in size should never bear the brunt of the weight of heavier objects. And a very closely packed option is likely to marks cause by adjacent objects that are packed tightly against each other.

Professional handling is of utmost importance

The right service will offer a storage facility with adequate space and in the right design to accommodate objects in a manner that preserves every article safely. Handling of furniture can be one of the toughest aspects of moving and storing. Professional services eliminate double handling of the furniture by moving them into modules which are then transported as a block to a storage facility.  For instance, furniture that needs to be stowed away safely, will be moved onto storage modules with proper lashing and packaging depending on the type of furniture and the requirements of the owners. After the modules have been filled, the same is transported to the facility, where the furniture is not unloaded from the modules, but the modules are placed inside the facility as a whole. This eliminates the need for multiple loading and unloading cycles.

Owners who wish to relocate or collect the furniture or objects can then choose to get them delivered or picked up from the facility. The modules designed to offer ten cubic meters of space will require, on an average around three modules to store most of the furniture in a home of average family size. With a module based system, owners need only pay for the actual space they use – getting the option to choose small modules to meet their specific requirements. This makes this option a cost effective, safe and convenient method to opt for when relocating, or storing furniture temporarily until a new location is identified for occupation or possession.

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