Scaffolding strategies that you can implement in class

Are you a teacher? Would you like to learn a new way strategy to improve your teaching skills? Then this article is for you. In this article, we shall look at how we can use scaffolding strategies to help boost our students learning capability. Professional essay writing service is here to offer more ideas and help when handling bulk tasks. So if you would like to know more about these strategies, follow along as we unveil this hidden treasure of knowledge.

Providing a lot of work to be done beats the whole point of efficient learning. The students get more attached to quantity rather than quality. Hence, they end up not learning anything from the massive load of notes they have to write on a small deadline. You, as a teacher, will also not be able to assess the assignment effectively. It is hence a lose-lose situation for both the student and the teacher.

So here is a solution to that situation:

Scaffolding strategy

Scaffolding is the act of breaking down the learning sessions into smaller chunks. Each chunk has a structure or a tool to work out effectively. Let us take, for example, a novel. A novel has a lot of pages and hence requires a longer time to study. But a teacher might decide to hold one meeting and go through the whole story in one session. Unfortunately, doing so will drain the student’s energy, and at the end of the session, they will have learned close to nothing. What is worse is that within a few days, most of them will not even remember the novel’s characters.

However, here is an effective way to handle such a situation. You can take the novel and break it down according to the chapter. Each chapter has different ideas and themes hence different learning tools. You can then spread out the other chunks of the chapter across the week. You can then use the various learning tools to group students according to how they grasp details and use the different tools to educate them. For those students who struggle a lot, you can group them and use a more straightforward language to help them understand the novel. Doing so will help them grasp the book’s contents and be at per with the other students.¬†

Here are some scaffolding strategies that you can try out.

1. Show then tell

Imagery combined by word of mouth leaf to better remembrance. That is why we tend to remember things that we see and hear more. You can use this as a learning tool to help students understand topics faster. Incorporate images or models to help provide imagery as your teaching.

2. Prior knowledge tapping

Each student has their views and perspectives about different topics. Let them share their perspectives and learn from each other. Doing so will boost their understanding of various topics and retain them longer.

3. Talk time

Providing time to talk for students relieves the monotony of the lesson. It also gives students time to speak their views and ideas. Both of these situations help the student have mental growth and understand topics better.


The scaffolding strategy and the best assignment writing services in UK, when implemented well, can be able to help your students understand topics faster. We, therefore, hope that this article has helped you improve your teaching skill by using this unique strategy.

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