She-Sheds: Building Gorgeous Getaways for Women

From time immemorial, men have always created their nooks at home. In the guise of a home office or a workshop garage, they have never missed out on an opportunity to enjoy their private time. It is not a surprise that women have started to demand a room of their own. While bedrooms offer privacy and quiet, most people find it impossible to engage in hobbies in a space meant for sleeping. That is why it is undeniable that women need to create a private room within their residences. A she-shed is the perfect hideaway idea. With the increasing number of sheds online, building a getaway has never been more hassle-free. Here are some she-shed construction tips to get one started on their dream hideaway project!

Choosing a spot

The first step in constructing a she-shed is finding the most suitable spot. Construction experts assert that it is best to situate a shed thirty meters away from the main building of the house. At this distance, the owner gains ample access to the house during times of emergency while also enjoying their alone time. It is also ideal to choose a spot that is not exposed much to air or the Sun. 

The purpose of the shed

Now that one has identified the ideal spot for the shed, determining the purpose of the hideout is the second task at hand. Depending upon one’s passions, one can create a shed that can serve a particular purpose. A quiet shed is ideal for calming hobbies like yoga, meditation, writing, reading, painting, or even stargazing during clear nights. On the other hand, open-air sheds can serve as hangout spots for guests or even as private tea party venues. If one wishes to install the shed with surround sound systems or heavy musical instruments such as a piano, it is essential to ensure that the room has enough walking space. Knowing the purpose will also help the homeowner decorate the interior of the shed. 

Ensuring ventilation

Once the user decides on a purpose for the shed, the next step is to ensure proper ventilation for the room. The shack stands in isolation from the prime residence. Therefore, it is not in connection with the ventilation of the original plan of the house. It is crucial to guarantee that this space is insulated appropriately during winters and has cross ventilation facilities during the summer. Installing a louvre is a way to make sure ample airflow is possible even in the scorching heat. 

Hiring a contractor

Most companies offer custom and pre-constructed sheds these days. While it is possible to install them with a keen eye for carpentry, builders strongly recommend that homeowners hire a qualified contractor for the installation process. The shed has a concrete slab as its basement. Pouring the concrete is not a process that is possible for DIY enthusiasts. Therefore, it is wise to hire a professional. One can hire one during the planning stage since they can spot flaws in construction plans that homeowners often miss. Apart from construction work, the shed will also need other experts such as plumbers and electricians. 

Decorating the interior

Good organization and efficient planning are skills that are not dismissable while buying sheds online. Choosing a theme for the shed is a great place to start. If the shed is for quiet activities, one can pick light, pastel colors like baby pink, blue, or even lime yellow. While deciding on the flooring, one can match it with the furniture of the room. The best thing about a she-shed is that one can transform it into anything that one’s heart desires- a magical escape or an awesome bat cave!

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