Why a Solar Pool Heater to Heat Your Pool

You would like to use your pool as often as you can and many times you have to change your mind just because of the thought of cold water. That is why you can get the swimming pool heating devices install to get the warm water in any season. As the water heating devices, it is used to heat the water of swimming pools. Because the pools are usually bigger, the pool heaters must be efficient enough to perform this task.

As much as you need to warm the water of your pool, this can consume lots of energy which results in adding up to your electricity bills. That is why you would need a high-efficiency pool heater which can not only heat the water but saves money on your electricity bills.

The Highly Efficient Solar Pool Heaters

Among all the pool heating options, the solar pool heaters are the right to choose. The best solar pool heater is straightforward to use, need low maintenance, occupies less space and reduces the heating bill as well as good for the environment.

That is why choosing the solar pool heaters is the right option for short and long run. The primary function of the device is to generate the electricity from the sun and convert it into heat energy which is used for heating the pool water. It is simple and efficient and very convenient too. Now you don’t have to worry about any heating bills and also you can save more.

How do The Solar Pool Heaters Work?

  • The solar collector is the device which is design to collect the sun heat. It has panels which are fixed on the roof or near the pool and absorbs sun rays
  • The filter is another device which removes and eliminates all types of debris before the water is pumped.
  • The pump circulates the water to the collector as well as the filter.
  • A valve helps on controlling the pool water
  • Pool heater heats the pool.

Why Choose Solar Pool Heaters

•    Eliminates/ reduces the heating bill

The solar heating pumps are an essential device in lowering your electricity bill. Also when it is connected to the solar electric system, the bill can be eliminated too. That is why it is the most efficient way to heat your pool.

•    Eliminates and reduces the environmental impact of heating the pool

As you know that using the local electricity cause damages to the environment including the elimination of greenhouse gas emission as well as pollution. That is why solar heating is best for the environment too.

•    Low and straightforward maintenance system

It is an automatic system, where you don’t need to fill the tank by yourself, but practically it will do itself.

•    No or very little roof space is needed

All you need is 225sq of the roof to heat an average pool.

•    Looks and perform better

Most of the solar heating pools are very small and consumes 75% lesser space than the traditional ones.

How to Choose The Right Solar Pool Heater?

There are many reasons which you must consider before choosing the right solar pool heater, depending on the area you live as well as other characteristics mentioned below:

  1. The size of the pool matters a lot. As significant is your pool will be, it will require more substantial solar pool heater to heat it.
  2. The length of swimming season also matters if you have longer summers and shorter winter; a small to medium size solar pool heater will work for you and vice versa.
  3. The regional temperature of your area is essential in determining the size and type of solar pool heater as the hot regions can do with a small pool while the colder areas need the bigger ones.
  4. What pool temperature do you desire? If you like hot water, then better and faster solar pools are the right choice for you. Or else if you want just little warm water, there are few options to choose.
  5. The solar resource of the area is also essential in determining the pool heater.
  6. Also, estimate the collector tilt as well as orientation so that your solar pool heater works efficiently.
  7. Make sure the collector is efficient while using a pool cover for better efficiency of your solar pool heater.

Other Tips to Manage The Cost and Water Temperature

1.    Use a pool cover

The pool covers help to maintain the temperature of water and prevent it from cooling down and affected by the cold weather. When the pool is not in use, you shield to cover it to reduce the pool heating cost.

2.    Manage the temperature of water

Another option to save the money and manage the heat is you should turn the temperature down when the pool water is heated according to your requirements and needs. It will help you to save the energy. Also, you must turn off the pool heater to keep the money and when the pool is not in use for several days. Make sure to turn it off when you are going on vacation.

3.    Install smaller pump

You must opt for a more modest pump which is energy efficient as well as saves your time and money. It also saves more electricity or power.

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