The Different Types of Coffee: A Simple Guide

Did you know that more than 60% of people in the United States drink coffee every day?

Most people can’t stand their day without smelling and drinking a fresh cup of coffee.

If you want to learn more about the different kinds of coffee, there are a couple of types to discover.

Continue reading to discover the different types of coffee and what makes each one so unique!


One of the most common types of coffee that people drink is Arabica.

Arabica coffee originates from Ethiopia and has a bright floral and fruity flavor. Although this type of coffee uses up most of the world’s coffee production, the beans are difficult to grow because of how delicate they are.

If you want flavorful Ethiopian coffee, has a few options to choose from. You will notice that this type of coffee isn’t as bitter as other options and is smooth on the palette.

Some of the Arabica coffee benefits include low calories and a substantial amount of vitamins and minerals. Niacin, magnesium, and potassium can all be found in Arabica coffee. You don’t have to feel guilty about pouring yourself a cup of this kind of coffee!


If you have a habit of drinking coffee and want a robust flavor, the robusta option is the best.

This coffee has a hearty flavor and bitter notes. Robusta coffee comes from sub-Saharan Africa and is also grown in Indonesia. Many people buy Robusta coffee because it is affordable and gives a good jolt of energy in the morning.

There is plenty of caffeine in Robusta beans, which means you won’t have to gulp down as many cups. Robusta coffee is often used in instant coffees and espresso blends because of its rich flavors.


If you are making coffee and notice a smoky or woody flavor, you probably have Liberica beans.

Liberica coffee primarily comes from Malaysia but has also been known to grow in North America and Europe on rare occasions. Although this coffee has a reputation of having an inconsistent flavor, you will notice woody, floral, and smoky notes.

The flavors will come together and be slightly bitter and harsh. Liberica coffee is surprisingly one of the sweetest types of coffee that you can drink, so it is a great starting point for new coffee drinkers!

Try All of the Types of Coffee

Learning about the different types of coffee will help you find the right bean when you go to place your order.

Depending on the type of flavor that you want, there is a bean that will satisfy your tastebuds. Whether you want a cup of joe that tastes bitter and earthy or has hints of floral notes and fruit.

It is best to try each coffee on its own without creamer to determine if you like it. Then you can add your favorite additions.

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