The Guide to Taking Gynecomastia Pills

Gynecomastia, which is known as the enlargement of male breasts, may sometimes be treated in the form of surgery. The same is also true with diet and exercise. However, there are those who opt to take some medications and that should be fine too. But then, it has to be noted though that there are two pills which are considered effective in the reduction of gynecomastia. These are – tamoxifen and turmeric.

Usually, the tamoxifen is dubbed as a prescription drug. On the other hand, turmeric is only taken in the form of supplement. What else should be learned about the two?

The Difference

Here are some of the differences you must take down note of between Tamoxifen and Turmeric


  • It is used as an endocrine therapy drug which is directed for pre-menopausal women who have breast cancer.
  • It may work as an antagonist to estrogen for it is in breast tissue. Estrogen is usually necessary in the growth of breast cancer cells.
  • It would metabolize into various compounds which would bind estrogen receptor. This would further prevent estrogen from activating and binding. As that occurs, cancer is unlikely to take place.
  • It is effective most especially when it is identified that the gynecomastia originates from elevated estrogen levels because of the use of steroid. There are instances when these gynecomastia pills may be taken by men who also take steroids so that they may prevent the development of enlarged breasts. It may also be given for the early symptoms of gynecomastia including itchy and sore nipples.


  • It is an herb unlike Winstrol which is obtained from the ginger family and is a native to South Asia. The part harvested is the Rhizomes and it is utilize and boiled for a number of hours then is left to dry after.
  • When the herb dries, it would be grounded to powder. This is why it may be taken as a dye and spice that may also add color to mustard. It goes with an active ingredient which is claimed as the curcumin. It has always been less expensive and it may be a perfect alternative to saffron.
  • Turmeric can be meant as an antiseptic, dietary supplement, antibacterial agent which may also work for various stomach issues. It also goes with an anti-inflammatory substance which may be a remedy to most problems in digestive disorders.
  • The use of Turmeric can be traced down in the history of Asia. Today, it is a part of a ton of studies undertaken in the United States. They do this so that they can determine the qualities of it which may be advantageous in the field of medicine.
  • It is said that Turmeric has the ability to reduce the fats in the chest. There are weight lifters out there who swear that by just taking the supplement, positive results are observed. Among these is the increase of their testosterone levels which enables the counterbalance of the estrogen which is the usual culprit to gynecomastia.