Things to remember while buying a top soundproof door sweep

The door creaks, shrieks and squeaks every time you open it. During winters, the coziness of the house is disrupted by the violent entry of unforgiving cold air. Driving you mad is the noise outside that makes you want to pull your hair out. You let out a sigh and wish there was something you could do about it. Fortunately, most problems, like this one, have a solution. It’s called door sweeps. Efficient, innovative, and handy, they make a world of difference when soundproofing a door. But before you decide to buy a top soundproof door sweep, it would be helpful to know what a door sweep is and some things you should know while buying one. 

What is a door sweep?

Door sweeps are also called door bottoms. They are long strips made of rubber, plastic, or brush-like bristles and are usually installed on the outside face of doors. Since the doors need to be opened and closed several times a day, sweeps should not touch the flooring material and sufficiently close the gap. If that happens, they could wear off quickly and might need to be replaced soon. However, since not all doors are the same size, some might need trimming before installation. The different door bottoms are tubular, flat, automatic, foam stripping, weather stripping, and v strips.

Things to remember while buying soundproof door sweeps

Checking the material

Before buying any door sweep, it is crucial to do thorough research regarding its material since that will determine its efficacy and longevity. Sweeps consist of two main parts: the upper part attached to the door and the lower one, which sweeps or keeps out unwanted elements. It is better to go for those made from aluminum since they are long-lasting. Plastic ones are good too. Nylon is used to make bristles, while silicone or vinyl is used for solid blades.

Determining your purpose

While you may find bottoms that are multi-purpose, it is better to go for one that suits your specific needs. Do you need a sweep for keeping out mice, rats, and rodents? Is it for keeping out the cold wind during winters? Or is your goal to prevent the noise outside that is bothering you? If you buy sweeps with bristles, they will do an excellent job cleaning but won’t protect you from cold air. However, those made from rubber will seal your room entirely. 

Method of installation 

There are two primary installation methods of door sweeps. One is done using an adhesive, while the other uses nuts, bolts, and drilling. Adhesive door sweeps can usually be installed by yourself without any external help. However, while doing so, the entire stretch of material along the door should be level. The other one, which involves screwing them to the door, should be done by someone who has prior experience handling the tools and knows the process involved.  

Choosing the right size

Choosing the correct measurement of the door sweep is crucial since it will determine whether the sweep fulfills the intended purpose. You can do this by measuring the door’s width and height of the gap to be fixed. The size of the door bottom should be greater than the gap itself. Always buy a sweep with a more considerable length than the door’s width. That way, you can always cut it, but if it’s smaller, you will not be able to do anything about it. 

Try to remember some of these things while looking for a top soundproof door sweep that will protect you from noise, rats, chilly air, or whatever it is you are after. Do your study and choose the right one to enjoy a smooth, relaxed and comfortable environment inside your home. 

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