Top 155 Interesting and Weird Fun Facts

The world is an amazing and at times a very weird place. At times some parts of the world might have rules that might be completely normal for them, but the exact same rules might seem like a joke in other parts of the world. Here are a few of these interesting and random fun facts!

  1. Bang your head on the wall for an hour, burns 150 calories.
  2. It is illegal to own a single guinea pig in Switzerland.
  3. An average person would be spending 6 months of his life waiting for the signal to turn from red to green light.
  4. In his lifetime an average person would walk as much as circumferencing the world five times.
  5. An average person in his life time can produce enough saliva to fill up 2 swimming pools.
  6. It takes an average male 26 minutes to get bored during shopping.
  7. You would be burning more calories while you sleep than you would be able to do so by watching television.
  8. Your favorite drink Coca Cola would have an unappetizing green color, if it did not have any added food coloring.
  9. It is surprising to know that you cannot dream and snore simultaneously when asleep.
  10. There is a fear of happiness and fun and it is called cherophobia.
  11. The human skin has more life forms living on it, then there are humans on the planet.
  12. The possible moves in a chess game are far more that the number of atoms in the universe that we know.
  13. A whopping 7% of Americans believe brown cows give chocolate milk.
  14. Bananas have their curved shape because they grow towards the sun.
  15. To smell attractive, Billy goats would urinate on their heads.
  16. An eagle can kill and fly away with a young deer.
  17. There is an increased chance that one can have a heart attack on a Monday.
  18. More people died of injuries after taking a selfie than by a shark attack in 2017.
  19. There is a country named after a woman called Saint Lucia.
  20. 48% of Ugandan population is under the age of 15 years.
  21. A woman could file for divorce in 16th century Arab if their husband did not pour them coffee.
  22. By recycling a single glass jar you can save enough energy to watch television for 3 hours.
  23. China has banned Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  24. Honeybees can distinguish human faces.
  25. Penguin urine accounts for 3% of glacier ice in Antarctic.
  26. To avoid drifting apart, sea otters hold hands when sleeping.
  27. Whale veins are so large that a toddler can swim through them.
  28. The name of Famous Hewlett-Packard was decided after a coin toss.
  29. Eiffel Tower has a total of 1,710 steps.
  30. Pokemon Hitmonchan is based of Jackie Chan
  31. Pirates believed wearing earrings would improve eyesight.
  32. ABBA was offered $1 billion 2000 for a reunion tour.
  33. The only being that does not urinate is bird.
  34. It is illegal to die in the House of Parliaments.
  35. Plug your nose and apple, onion and potato will taste the same.
  36. In Taiwan a company makes wheat dinnerware.
  37. Nutella is an invention of WWII.
  38. Honeybees can get intoxicated on tree sap that is fermented.
  39. Tears have a natural painkiller.
  40. Half the nuts squirrels hide they forget.
  41. Gorge W. Bush was a cheerleader in high school.
  42. A horse has 205 bones.
  43. Strawberries can be white, green and yellow as well.
  44. Madonna is afraid of thunders.
  45. Physically pigs cannot look at the sky.
  46. Only 10% world population is left handed.
  47. The speed of a sneeze is 100 miles an hour.
  48. Honey cannot spoil ever.
  49. Coconut water can be used as a substitute for blood plasma.
  50. Eating an apple and celery burns more calories than in them.
  51. In 1930s ketchup was used as a medicine.
  52. Colgate translates to “go hand yourself” in Spanish.
  53. Finland banned Donald Duck comics because he does not wear pants.
  54. It takes a bee visits to 2 million flowers to produce a pound of honey.
  55. Some waterfalls in Hawaii go up, not down.
  56. Elephants cannot jump.
  57. Dead skin makes dust particles.
  58. Concrete is weaker than human thigh bone.
  59. Butterflies use their feet to taste food.
  60. Fewer people are killed by sharks than cows.
  61. A penny weighs more than a humming bird.
  62. Ostrich brain is smaller than its eyes.
  63. Tarantulas can go without food for 2 years.
  64. Each cat ear has 32 muscles.
  65. Blue what tongue can weigh more than an elephant.
  66. Glass ball can bounce higher than rubber ball.
  67. Human blood vessels are almost 60,000 miles.
  68. You cannot suffocate yourself to death
  69. Casinos in Las Vegas don’t have clocks.
  70. Dolphins’ eyes are open when sleeping.
  71. You cannot sneeze with eyes open.
  72. Surface area of Russia is larger than Pluto.
  73. Saturn and Jupiter have diamond rains.
  74. Squirrels will adopt abandoned babies.
  75. Giraffe is talent land animal.
  76. Dogs can understand upto 250 words.
  77. Oranges were orange initially.
  78. Beefalo is a cow-bison hybrid.
  79. Peanuts aren’t nuts.
  80. Bullets can ricochet off an armadillo
  81. Octopus can lay upto 56,000 eggs.
  82. Nose and ear never stop growing.
  83. Giraffes can have 20 inch long tongues.
  84. Montpelier does not have a McDonalds.
  85. Rats can dream too.
  86. Eiffel tower can expand 6 inches in summer.
  87. Boars are found to wash their food.
  88. The Lion roar in MGM is trademarked.
  89. Egyptians used to do pregnancy tests.
  90. Cats become lactose intolerant as they grow.
  91. The Pope cannot donate an organ.
  92. Moon had volcanoes when dinosaurs were alive.
  93. Spaghetto is a single spaghetti.
  94. Plant sunflowers to clean radioactive soil.
  95. Cutting cactus in Arizona can land you in jail for 25 years.
  96. New born panda is smaller than a mouse.
  97. There is no railway system in Iceland.
  98. IKEA stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd
  99. Bulls are colorblind.
  100. Kimono means “thing to wear”.

101-155     Before you start getting bored with this list because we know that it’s impossible for anyone to keep their focus through all these top 155 fun facts , we’d like to say that you’re awesome. This journey that you’re planning to embark on is obviously not easy. But, we know that you’re here because you believe in yourself and we believe in you. It won’t be long before you have your own fun facts to share with your friends and family and we’d love to hear some from you too!

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