Why One’s Personal Growth Journey Never Really Ends

The journey toward personal growth never really has an exit point. People are imperfect, and it’s not a bad thing to constantly strive to be better. No one is born completely self-actualized and at peace — if they were, they wouldn’t be human.

Personal growth is clearly a popular topic. You just take a look at all the number of blogs and articles about personal growth out there online. Study International, for instance, recently published a piece on why students should focus on personal growth before beginning their careers. The piece argued that young adults should take the time to authentically grow as an individual, because it will help them understand their own, unique personality better, which will in turn help them find the right role in the right career.

The goal of working toward personal growth is certainly an admirable one, and isn’t one that only students should focus on. Personal growth is something that people of all ages and backgrounds move towards in different ways, throughout their lives.

Some may try to grow and mature and be more enlightened people by following religion.  Others may work to achieve personal growth through leadership or lifestyle forums or classes.

No matter where they find the right catalyst for personal growth, there are a few qualities people should look for. Personal development programs that can help people bring about both personal and professional growth, for instance, should offer things like an improvement in the quality of relationships, self confidence, and personal productivity, the way a program like the Landmark Forum does.  You can take a look at Landmark Forum reviews across the web to gain a first-hand look at how the program goes about improving personal growth and productivity.

Speaking of relationships and confidence, an article on Psychology Today recently argued that following your ex on Facebook prevents personal growth. That sort of monitoring can lead to negative feelings and distress over the dissolution of the relationship. Indeed, reviews of the Landmark Forum and other personal development programs often note that moving past bad relationships or repairing strained relationships can be a part of a personal growth journey.

The truth is, people’s personal and professional lives are ever-changing.  But fortunately, there are plenty of resources out there to help with self-actualization and personal and professional growth.

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