Top CBD Treats for Dogs Buying Guide & Review

There is a saying that dogs are man’s best friend. That is true and not just for dogs, other pets as well. It is a norm for anyone to get worried when a close friend falls ill therefore it would not at all be shocking when you are worried about your pet because remember, they are your best friend! Dogs, in particular, are vulnerable to various illnesses just like we human beings. These illnesses range from seizures, pain in various parts of their body, arthritis, and even asthma. Prescription medicine has been used for years to address these issues with most of these drugs resulting in dire side effects to the dog. Apart from this, they can even fall prey to stress when afraid or come across the objects they are usually afraid of, such as fireworks. Dogs are usually afraid of fireworks, you can give them CBD treats in order to calm them until they begin to love fireworks.

Ongoing research over the years has confirmed the various health benefits that cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD in the market has not only to human beings but also to animals as well. CBD is one of the extract compounds of cannabis, and it is particularly sourced from the hemp plant. The list of conditions that can be treated with CBD in dogs includes nausea, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, arthritis and so many more.

The big question, however, is whether these top treats are safe for dogs; that is, does it have the psychoactive properties that are associated with the cannabis plant family? Well, the answer to that is very simple. The compound in cannabis with psychoactive properties is tetrahydrocannabinol otherwise referred to as THC in simple terms. CBD, being free of THC, therefore, lacks any psychoactive effects and its consumption has been proven to be safe and beneficial as a matter of fact both to humans and animals as well.

The fact that CBD is safe for your dog does not, however, permit its use as a cure. Care has to be exercised when giving CBD to your dog to ensure that you give it to your dog in the right way and only in the right amounts. There is, therefore, need to consult a vet before administering CBD to your dog. Alternatively, we have prepared a number of things for you to consider before buying CBD for your dog. To know more, you can check out this Poodle Guide.

Is your dog under any other medication?

If your dog is already under some form of prescribed medication then introducing CBD at this time is not advised. This is because vets discourage the mixing of medication at all costs since this makes it very difficult to make a prediction concerning the results. CBD may also lower the effectiveness of the other medication if taken at this time. It is therefore very paramount for you to consult with a vet if you are at all thinking of introducing CBD to your dog while it is still under other medication.

What condition is your dog in?

Conditions such as pregnancy, a tender age for your dog and if it is in the nursing period discourage any use of CBD. It is therefore not recommended for CBD to be given to a puppy, a pregnant dog or a dog that is nursing.

What form of CBD best suits your dog?

CBD, just like any other product comes in various forms. These are; CBD oils, treats, lotions, chews and tinctures. Any of the above forms of CBD are suitable for different purposes. CBD oils, for example, are the best when it comes to addressing serious medical issues. This is due to the fact that the oil is easy to administer especially when under specified dosages. It is also versatile in nature and takes effect quickly after it has been administered. CBD oil, therefore, offers faster relief to medical conditions.

Treats, on the other hand, are the best when it comes to rewarding your dog or when you just want to promote its general well-being. This is because each treat contains very little CBD dosages which are harmless and as a matter of fact ideal in the event that you are introducing your dog to CBD. Tinctures and lotions, on the other hand, are the most ideal when it comes to dealing with physical problems such as irritable skin or chronic pain. There use is just as simple as applying them to the area where your dog is experiencing the pain or irritation.

Is the CBD you are purchasing hemp sourced?

Dogs, unlike humans, are prone to toxicity upon ingestion of anything that contains THC. CBD and THC are both compounds of the cannabis plant family with CBD majorly being from the hemp plant whereas THC is mostly sourced from the marijuana plant. There is however CBD that comes from marijuana which is not at all harmful to human beings but very dangerous to your dog due to the traces of THC in it. When purchasing CBD from your dog always, therefore, ensure that it is sourced from hemp and not marijuana since CBD sourced from marijuana will without a doubt contain traces of THC which is harmful to your dog.

Is the CBD of high quality?

Quality in CBD products is affected by the standards of the growing of the hemp plant and also the method used in extracting the CBD from the hemp plants. For high-quality CBD it is vital that the hemp plant is grown in suitable conditions free from insects, bacteria as well as chemicals such as insecticides.

The method used in extraction is also important in determining whether the CBD obtained will be of high or low quality. Extraction using olive oil and ethanol solvents are the simplest methods. These, however, decrease the quality of the CBD extracted and are therefore recommended for CBD that is for other purposes that are not health centered. CBD extracted using CO2 is on the other hand highly pure in its form and thus very high in quality. This makes the CBD extracted through this method the most suitable for medicinal purposes.

Has a third party verified the CBD?

Always remember to check whether the CBD product you are about to purchase has undergone third-party testing. Products that have been tested and verified by an unbiased third party are more often than not safe and reliable.

With all this in mind, also remember to look out for how easy it is for CBD product you are purchasing to be absorbed into your dog’s system. The easier it is, the better. Last but not least knowing the right dosage of CBD for your dog is also very important, and this is greatly determined by your dog’s age. The younger the dog, the lower the dosage will be and vice versa. However, it is important to always consult with your vet first in matters dosage.