Travel Guide For Sevierville TN – Where To Stay, When To Visit, And Things To Do

If you are passionate about traveling, you should consider visiting Sevierville on your next. With each visit, it is a place that always surprises tourists. The place fits all travelers like a glove. From family to friends everybody will thoroughly enjoy themselves. Sevierville has an amazing selection of adventurous activities, visits to secret caves, and lots of restaurants with delicious dishes to make the trip one you will remember for the rest of your life.

The city is only a couple of minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains and its numerous forest trails and waterfalls. Visitors are always impressed by all of its great tourist spots and its scenic beauty. From the Forbidden Caverns to the Tennessee Museum of Aviation, the city offers more than you would expect.

Things to do when visiting Sevierville

There are so many tourist spots in Sevierville that you might find it confusing to decide which ones to shortlist. Find Rentals can help you with narrowing down destinations. We know there are many places that you would like to see but you might not have enough time to visit them all. Our website can be your Sevierville TN Travel Guide. It lists things that can be done in Sevierville including the following:

  1. Titanic Museum Attraction

The love story of Rosie and Jack makes the Titanic easy for many people to relate to. However, go past the movie and learn about the history of the ship. The two-story museum offers a lot of information on how the iconic ship was developed by hundreds of men. It looks exactly like the Titanic ship seen in the movie. It is the world’s largest Titanic museum and has over 400 pre-discovery artifacts.

To make things even more realistic, the museum was built by the developers inside a pool. After you step in it feels like you are actually onboard the ship. To visit the twenty galleries will take two hours at least to complete. You will be given a passenger boarding ticket that has the name of a passenger who was on the Titanic. The final room in the museum is the Titanic Memorial. In this room, you can check the passenger’s name that is on your ticket and find out whether or not she or he survived the crash.

  1. Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show

Would you like to enjoy a delicious meal while helping the McCoys and Hatfields work out their differences? If so, immediately head on over to the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud. This is not simply a regular restaurant with a cozy ambiance and dim lights. As soon as the lights are turned on it comes to life. With country music played in the background, dancing and singing, impressive stunts, and hilarious comedy, it is a rare combination that is not easily found anywhere else.

Be sure to try out the southern homestyle feast which includes coleslaw creamy Southern Style soup, smashed mashed potatoes, hot homemade bread, fried chicken, Granny’s specialty dessert pulled pork barbeque, and corn on the cob.

  1. WonderWorks Pigeon Forge

It is one of the world’s most advanced amusement parks. The edu-tainment park is spread across 35,000 square feet and is a must-visit place for kids to see. It combines education and entertainment with more than 100 hands-on exhibits to challenge the imagination of your child. Your kids will want to stay at WonderWorks for hours. They will love trying out different gadgets to understand how they work.

According to history, the Bermuda Triangle has a top-secret laboratory that went missing. It ended up landing in Pigeon Forge upside down. The exhibit is still in the park where your children can explore the pieces of equipment and tools that the laboratory used. You can enjoy it here along with your kids. It has an inversion tunnel that takes the ground over your head and the ceiling underneath your feet. You will need to figure out how to navigate the upside-down world.

  1. Garden of Eden and Parrot Mountain

If you like birds, then you will definitely want to visit the Garden of Eden and Parrot Mountain in Sevierville. It features beautifully landscaped paved paths that lead to unique parrot cottages where plenty of colorful parrots are housed. The rooflines also have various designs based on the different kinds of parrots. There is water reed roofing, slate roofing, cedar shake roofing, and clay tile roofing. After you finish looking at the parrot cages, the tropical birds can be seen feeding on their open perches.

As you are trying to feed the birds some of them will crawl onto your hands. They do not bite and are very friendly. Your children can even touch and hold them. The colors of the birds are breathtaking. You don’t see these kinds of beauties up close every day.

Best time to visit Sevierville

We recommend that Sevierville should be visited in the months of June through July. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy local festivals and outdoor activities. However, at times Sevierville does get humid, so be sure to drink lots of water. Also, always take s a small towel with you so that you won’t be sweating so badly that you cannot explore all of the places we discussed above.

Aside from June through August, another good time to visit Sevierville is September through November. Temperatures are cooler. However, during his time there are no local festivals. If you don’t like crowds it is a great time to go to Sevierville. During the summer there is a lot going on in Sevierville. Be sure to make your bookings as soon as possible on our website. Although there are many motels and hotels that can be found on our website, they tend to be booked quickly since people want to make sure they can attend the festivals.

Places to stay in Sevierville

In terms of providing you with affordably-priced vacation rentals, you will never be disappointed with Find Rentals. You will find only reputable vacation rentals in Sevierville, Tennessee when we are used for your search for holiday accommodations. The following are some of the hotels that you can choose from:

  1. Holiday Inn Express And Suites Kodak East-Sevierville

The inn offers contemporary lodging and comes with impressive rooms, continental breakfast, indoor pool, and fitness center. Their reception is amazing. You are treated like members of the family by everyone. You can also quickly reach all of the tourist spots discussed above.

  1. Super 8 by Wyndham Sevierville Riverside

Do not hesitate to book a stay at the Sevierville Riverside Super 8 by Wyndham with Find Rentals if you have a smaller accommodation budget. Although it is slightly further out from the middle of the city there is plenty of private transport and cabs to take you where you want to go. During the summer these budget rooms always sell out fast. So be sure to book your room early.

  1. Clarion Inn Willow River

If you are looking for a river-view room at a budget-friendly price, you should definitely consider booking at the Clarion Inn Willow River. To help make your stay quite comfortable, the inn offers unfussy rooms, instant room service, and two indoor swimming pools.

  1. Comfort Suites Kodak Sevierville

After a full day of fun you can ease any body pains by stepping into the Comfort Suites Kodak Seviervilles heated indoor pool. it is one of Sevierville’s premium hotels that offers numerous amenities to make you feel at home right away. Their friendly staff will ensure you get everything you want while staying there.

Once you have visited, Sevierville, Tennessee could turn into your weekend destination. Each time you visit you will discover new places that you want to explore. Most important of all, you won’t have to spend a ton of money on food, transportation, or accommodation as long as Find Rentals is your Sevierville TN Travel Guide.

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