What Questions Should I Ask the Best Pest Control Company in My Area?

Did you know that over 14.8 million homes in the United States end up with pests each year?

With a number so big, it’s clear that many people are dealing with unwanted guests in their homes. Are you personally dealing with a pest infestation? If yes, calling residential pest control services is likely on your to-do list.

Before you call, read this quick guide to learn what questions you should ask to be sure you’re getting the best pest control company you can!

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Experience matters in the pest control industry. You want to be sure the people coming to your home will get the job done right. To do this, they need to be armed with the proper knowledge and have the right tools to accomplish the work.

How Much Will It Cost?

Most pest control places will need to see the extent of the issue before giving you a set price. This is normal, but seeing if you can get a free estimate is a good idea.

This gives you a better idea of how much you can expect to spend so you can see if it fits your budget. 

What’s the Extent of Your Services?

The best pest removal services will get rid of the pests now and keep them from coming back later. Therefore, asking them how they plan on accomplishing both those tasks is crucial.

You want to be sure you’re getting your money worth and know if any treatments they’re using will impact you or your pets. Hire a pro that can easily explain their process to you, so you’re in the loop throughout the process.

Are You Bonded and Insured?

Every pest control company in the US needs to have a license to operate. But not every company is prepared to take responsibility for damage and use their insurance to cover it.

You’re letting people into your home that’s likely filled with precious possessions. So if something goes wrong or gets broken, it’s nice to know you’re covered.

Do You Have Guarantees?

Exterminating a home to rid it of pests isn’t an easy task otherwise, everyone would take care of it on their own. Because it’s no easy feat, it’s good to know the job will be done right no matter how much effort it takes.

Ask about what guarantees on their services they can offer so you can be sure your home will be rid of all pests when they finish the job.

Hire the Best Pest Control to Get the Job Done Right

If you’re dealing with creepy crawlers and critters, hiring the best pest control to eliminate the problem is essential. If you hire a company with experience, it’s worth it paying the price to feel comfortable in your home again.

Ask any potential service these questions so you can be sure you’re hiring a pro!

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