What to Do When You Run out of Gas

Out of gas and don’t know what to do?¬†Depending on how remote your location is, you could be sitting still for a while.

Running out of gas can make you feel unsafe and worried that you’re not going to reach your location.

Continue reading this article to learn what to do if your car runs out of gas.

Get Out of Danger

When you start to notice that your car is sputtering and about to run out of gas, try to get out of traffic as soon as possible. If your car runs out of gas on the road, you might use this tow service to get out of the road, or if you can push your car off the road, do it quickly.

Make sure you have your emergency flashers on, so people can see you and don’t accidentally crash into you.

Determine Where You Are

Before you can get help, you need to figure out where you are. If you are in a town, it’s pretty easy to figure out where you are. If you’re on a remote road without any markings, it can be a little more difficult.

If you have a GPS or navigational device that is working, then you can use it to determine where you are.

Contact Roadside Assistance

Do you have roadside assistance like AAA? You may have roadside assistance with your car insurance, so make sure to check and see. Look on your car insurance card, call the number and find out what benefits you have.

Contact Friends and Family

If you aren’t too far away from friends and family, you might give them a call and ask them to help you. If you are far away from friends and family, you should still give them a call to let them know the situation that you’re in.

You don’t want to be alongside the road without anyone knowing where you are or what is happening.

Get a Ride to the Gas Station

If you have money to buy gas, a gas can and an Uber or Lyft, then you’re in business. Schedule a ride and find a gas station that sells gas cans. While it might be annoying and out of your way, at least you’re going to be back on your way to your destination shortly.

Make sure you know how to fill and transport the gas can safely once you do get it filled.

What to Do When Out of Gas – Now You Know

Now you know what to do when you’re out of gas. Knowing what to do when you are out of gas allows you to feel empowered and less stressed out.

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