Whom To Talk To When You Have Aging Parents

As your parents age, you may find that navigating the process of caregiving and supporting them isn’t easy. When you’re struggling to get the necessary things done, it’s essential to reach out to the people who can help you and your parents during this time. If you’re struggling to get the support and resources you need for your aging parents, these are a few of the areas to consider.

Family Physician

If your parents already have an established physician, this is a great place to get started. Your parent’s doctor not only knows their medical history but also likely has resources that they can provide you. Many doctors are specialized in geriatric services and knowledge resources and tools that aging adults can use to maintain their health and independence as they age. They may also provide you with resources for supporting you and your parents in several ways. This is a great place to get started.

Government Agencies

Depending on their location, programs such as Medicaid can help aging parents care and provide you with resources that you didn’t know were available. Some states have waiver programs that can help to manage everyday senior care costs. Even if you’re providing the majority of caregiving, having support so that you can take time off is a great benefit. The National Council on Aging also has a Benefits CheckUp site. This is a free service that helps to determine which programs are available for you and your parents. Take a look at both of these resources to determine if you’re getting what you qualify for.

Caregiving Services

Although caring for your parents is challenging, in-home care can be expensive and difficult to obtain. However, many independent and qualified caregivers are available. You may be able to find sites where retired nurses offer services. Your physician’s office may have a list of caregiving services that they recommend. If you know of any assisted living facilities in your area, reach out to them for recommendations. Even family and friends can be a helpful resource that can provide you with suggestions as well. It’s always challenging to invite a stranger into your parents home, so make sure that you check references to avoid running into any problems. However, a qualified caregiver, even a few hours a week, can be a great benefit.

Home Security and Monitoring Services

If your parents live alone, then having a home monitoring service in place can give both of you peace of mind. A home security system is relatively easy to set up and available if your parent finds they need emergency assistance.

Meal Services

Local outreach programs are a great benefit to any seniors that may have difficulty preparing their meals or have a limited income. Such services can also benefit seniors who may have a controlled diet and need some modifications. There may be a waiting list or application to get your parents this benefit, so it’s best to fill out an application as early as possible as it may take time to initiate.

Support Groups

Remember that you’re not alone. If you don’t have time to go to an in-person support group, consider checking out the website and Gherry community. This is a great site that connects aging parents and caregivers worldwide to provide support and a listening ear. If you’re struggling with a problem, then use this site to ask for help and feedback. The chances are that someone else has experienced a similar situation and may have an excellent solution for you. You can also provide your feedback and assistance to others through this resource.

When taking care of elderly parents, it’s essential to know who to reach for assistance. Use these resources early as it’s easier to prepare as early as possible, even if you don’t currently need them. You’ll be glad to have them available when the time comes.


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