4 Things To Know About Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have always been at the center of attraction for many psychonauts. Also known as Psilocybin mushrooms, Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, a naturally occurring potent psychedelic compound. Psilocybin mushrooms have been used for spiritual, religious, and recreational purposes since ancient times.

Magic mushrooms are naturally found in dense forests or grown in cultivation centers. When consumed, they offer vivid visuals, increase sensitivity to sound and visuals and help you relax and enjoy the psychedelic experience. Different magic mushrooms have different potency, and one of the most potent magic mushrooms is Albino penis envy mushrooms, or APE mushrooms. If you aren’t aware of them, everything you need to know about ape mushrooms.


The appearance plays a crucial role in identifying different strains of mushrooms, and each strain has different potency and distinct features that make them unique. As far as it goes, the appearance of albino penis envy mushrooms is very phallus. As the name suggests, these mushrooms look like penises, and their stems are quite thick and long hence the term “envy.” Unlike other mushroom strains, ape mushrooms are pale white, hence albino.

They also have big bulbous caps that make them one of the densest mushrooms among all the strains. 


Magic mushrooms are consumed for their psychedelic and euphoric effects. After 30 to 45 minutes of consumption, the users start feeling their effects. The effects of magic mushrooms are different for different strains and can change dramatically depending on the unique chemistry of the strain. Other factors can also affect the intensity and quality of effects. The current mental state of the user, their surroundings while consuming mushrooms, and who they consume it with can substantially affect the trip. It is also known as the set and setting of psychedelics.

The effects of ape mushrooms can include powerful visual effects and increased introspective experience. People who consume ape mushrooms state they have mild-altering experiences that change their perception of life and existence. They feel an intense sensation of happiness and joy, and all the surroundings become more vivid and alive. They often feel more excited, thoughtful, and euphoric. The overdose is not deadly but can cause paranoia, anxiety, panic, and disorientation. 


Ape mushrooms are the most potent strains and can cause strong visuals and a psychedelic experience for the user. Therefore they need to be taken in microdoses even by experienced individuals who have ingested magic mushrooms before. Beginners should avoid using ape mushrooms as their first psilocybin experience as they are very potent.  

Unlike opiates, the risk of addiction to magic mushrooms is very low. They do not cause any dependency on them. Though they are not deadly, it’s also good to be cautious when consuming psychedelic substances. 


Though ape mushrooms are considered challenging to come by, you can buy them online through different licensed stores. The price of ape mushrooms can range from $40 to $200, depending on the quantity. 

Consuming albino penis envy mushrooms is undoubtedly a godly experience that can potentially transform your entire belief system and change you as a person. Depending on your mental strength and your surroundings, the effects can vary. Therefore it’s always good to consume psychedelics when you are happy and around an optimistic company that won’t judge, criticize or insult you. That way, you can enjoy 3 to 6 hours of a happy trip and have a transformative experience.

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