5 Things You Must Know Before Climbing Red River Gorge

When the weekend comes, it’s hard not to run off into nature and detox yourself after a long and hectic week of work. One of the best places to visit is Red River Gorge, especially if you’re a climber, as it’s the perfect destination for rock climbers.

The sandstone cliffs are enough to take you on a climbing adventure you’ll never forget. Before actually heading there, it’s important to plan out what you’ll do and the necessary items needed for the climb.

The first thing to do is follow reliable red river gorge climbing guides that outline the best seasons for rock climbing, accommodation choices, equipment needed, and more.

5 Things You Must Know Before Climbing Red River Gorge

Here’s a list of five things you should know before heading to the red river gorge.

No-Trace Climbing

Most nature and heritage spots have to be kept in pristine condition. This can only be done when its visitors follow the rules and maintain some ethics in handling their trash and how they treat the land or nature.

When at the gorge, ensure that you take care of your waste. That means not leaving behind plastic bottles, wrappers, or empty tins. You must respect the land and keep it in its natural state for others to enjoy as well.

Ethics of the Gorge

Many spots for rock climbing or other sports have their own rules and ways of conduct that all should follow. Note that you cannot rappel on the rocks for the red river gorge but only lower yourself down. This is because the rock climbing infrastructure does not support rappelling.

Other basic rules are to be followed, such as not parking wherever you feel like leaving trash behind or being very noisy.


It’s helpful to get a four-wheeler for this trip or a motorcycle if you are a small group. Since most climbs are spread far apart in the park, it’s crucial to have transportation to get around.

No Pets Allowed

It’s a common practice and desire for families to take their loving pets on their trips because you won’t want to leave them at home. Unfortunately, the Red river gorge doesn’t allow pets in their climbing areas. Having pets in these areas would prove unsafe because of the sharp cliffs and the depth of overhanging walls.

Pets are allowed in other red river gorge properties, so don’t fret. You can plan a non-climbing trip with your furry friend.

You Must Have a Partner

This is a little-known fact, but if you wish to rock climb in the red river gorge, you must have a partner to do so. Climbing partners are there for your safety as they will cover you and spot you while you climb, holding the rope and giving you rope as and when you need it.

Having a partner is important to be able to rock climb there. You can easily find a partner when you are at the gorge as there is bound to be a group with an odd man out.

With the power of social media, you can also check online for anyone heading there at the same time as you and plan accordingly. That way, you have a partner and some company at the gorge.

Ensure you refer to red river gorge climbing guides before you embark on this journey to be best prepared.

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