5 Tips to Find the Right Course of First Aid Certification in NYC

It’s always a good idea to provide first aid and CPR. You never know when you might need it or where you’ll be when an emergency arises. First aid is the initial response someone gives to another person’s injuries to save their life.

5 Tips to Find the Right Course of First Aid Certification in NYC

Finding the right course to provide first aid certification in NYC is not as easy as finding a list of courses. Here are the best five tips for finding the right course 8 hour first aid certificaton nyc.

  • Check the License

Before you sign up for a course, make sure that the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross have approved the class.

These two organizations offer basic first aid and CPR/AED courses that will allow you to provide lifesaving care. Your institution must be licensed and approved by these organizations. If the course isn’t, you won’t be able to get your certification.

  • Check for Recertification

When you need to renew your first aid course, a CPR/AED certification card is vital in continuing it. You can choose not to recertify or ask for recertification. The standard is required for CPR/AED and three years for first aid every two years.

You should be sure that the course you choose is instructor-led and not online. Some courses offer both, but most are one or the other. Having an instructor guide you through the lessons and hands-on practice makes a big difference in passing the test.

  • Review the Price

When choosing an 8 hour first aid certification in NYC, you need to consider what you are willing to pay. Maybe there’s one course that costs less than another, but it’s only offered during the week when you have work or school. You should also factor in class availability and location when choosing a course to take for certification.

The average rate for a first aid course is around $100 to $200 in NYC. That includes the exam, manual, CPR/AED certification card, and certificate.

If you are an employer or a volunteer group that frequently offers first aid courses to your employees or members, you might want to choose a class offered at a discount rate.

Taking advantage of group discounts will allow you to save money on the course, and it could also allow you to bring down the price for everyone in the group.

  • Review the Classroom Time

One of the most essential components of your first aid certification in NYC is the time allotted for classroom time; make sure it’s long enough.

The laws and guidelines for providing first aid and CPR/AED certification will be discussed in the course. You should spend at least five hours solely on learning these skills and techniques.

The classroom teaching time will determine how well you’ll understand and learn the information. Most certification courses don’t allow time for breaks, so make sure you’re ready for this!

  • Review Materials Provided

In addition, when choosing an 8 hour first aid certification course in NYC, review what materials you will receive from there. Usually, you will receive a course manual and CPR/AED certification card. The more you get, the better. For example, you should sign up immediately if you can take home an AHA handbook or pocket mask.

Some essential portions they will cover include:

  • Adult, Child, Infant CPR/AED
  • Adult, Child, Infant choking relief
  • Bleeding and wound care
  • Burn and scald injuries
  • Shock
  • Environmental emergencies such as hypothermia and heatstroke

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